Deadpool 2 (2018) Review


Foul mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is back on his second outing and must put together a super group in a battle against Cable who has travelled from the future to kill teenager Russell to prevent future events.


I will admit that I was not the biggest fan of the first Deadpool film and therefore wasn’t really expecting very much from this one. Sometimes that must be the best approach when watching a film as I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first. I think my change in expectations certainly helped that, but I enjoyed the comments about other Marvel films a lot more especially the Thanos moment!

Ryan Reynolds is perfect as Deadpool even though we don’t actually get to see him for a majority of the film and he is hidden in that now iconic red suit and mask. Given many different one liners and inappropriate lines to go along with it that is something audiences want and find funny. His delivery is spot on and he is not afraid to get involved and poke fun at his previous comic book movie attempts. Surely we all have to respect him for that!

The opening scene was pretty impressive in terms of fight and entered an emotional storyline which I was certainly not expecting. I feel that took this film to a different level and therefore made sense why Wade was suddenly changing his ways especially towards Russell. Who wanted nothing more than friends and to be helped, after years of abuse. He was being kept with other mutant children but the powers were stopped to try to control them.

Cable is a new character played so fantastically by Josh Brolin as he has come from the future in order to seek vengeance for an event which happened to him and his family. Which does feel very terminator like! They even throw in a couple of jokes about that as well. That is certainly a huge positive with this film it is not afraid to poke fun at other films and events. Doesn’t take itself too seriously, plenty of swearing and brutal fight scenes, as let’s face it everything else with Marvel comes across very night in the fight and battle scenes which in reality that would just not happen. I guess that makes Deadpool an essential part of the universe even if he is kept separate. I loved the X-Men references and thought that created some truly fantastic scenes!

I am actually thinking that maybe I should re-watch the first Deadpool film now and I will appreciate it a little bit more? I must mention one more thing in X-Force and how hilarious that group became, nothing at all going to plan. Doesn’t it just make it all feel a little bit more real? Well, as real as it can get with the whole superhero world. So pleased I enjoyed this one and I am sure it will be another big hit at the box office.

7 thoughts on “Deadpool 2 (2018) Review

  1. Great review. I was actually overwhelmingly impressed with the original Deadpool (I suffer from super hero fatigue now and then). I’ll probably see 2 this weekend, and my expectations are high…hopefully not too high!

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  2. I only watch the first “Deadpool” a few weeks ago, and while it has a bitt TOO MUCH wisecracking – literally every single thing he says – it also is so full of raucous pop culture references that it wins you over – and so well directed as well – thanks for the review!

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