Theatre: SeatPlan

Trying to decide which seats to buy before you head to the Theatre can be a pretty difficult task, especially if you have never been to that theatre before. SeatPlan can certainly help you out with that! Updated with photos and reviews from people who attend different theatres for different shows and posting them to help others out.


I think this could really help when you come to look at the different price bands and if the view is really much different two seats in front, behind or to the side when the price can be a lot more. It could help save you money really or if you have already bought a restricted view seat you can prepare yourself for the worst by checking previous reviews, sometimes they are not actually so bad.

I first came across SeatPlan after my Hamilton ticket fiasco (read more about it here) when I bought a second tier priced ticket and it turned out my view was very restricted. The only issue I then found when I checked SeatPlan someone in the row in front which would have had the same view said that it was fine. Actually for the amount of money the ticket was it really wasn’t fine!

You must remember to check what production was on at the time of the review as this could slightly change the view and the stage, but I do love that it has all of the dates and which show it was for in that seat. A very well thought out and put together website which I will certainly be looking to use more for theatre’s that I am unsure of when it comes to the layout. Because let’s face it I have found out the hard way that just because a seat is more expensive it does not mean you are guaranteed a much better view than from a lower price band.


  • Constant updates when the website grows
  • Easy to submit a seat review
  • Helpful if you haven’t been to the theatre before
  • Photos to see the actual view from the seat
  • Easy to use website


  • Different productions have different stage heights
  • People might not be honest about price to value
  • Photos might not be from the best angle

Check out SeatPlan

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