Bogus (1996) Review


When Albert’s mother is tragically killed in a car accident he must go and live with Harriet a woman he has never met but was step sister to his mother. Harriet was not prepared to have a child and struggles to adapt to her new life as Albert’s family. Something that made her come across as unkind to begin with but we need to remember that she was suffering as well not knowing what to do next.  


As part of his coping strategy Albert creates an imaginary friend named Bogus who comes to life after drawing a picture of him. He helps with the feeling of being lonely and not being able to stay with the French people his mother had been friends with. Bogus offers an escape for Albert and that was something he really did need, this is something that Harriet had to accept in order to help them both.  

I thought performance wise it really did show just how talented Haley Joel Osment was as a child actor. Seriously his little face in almost every scene will make you want to break down. Working very well with Whoopi Goldberg who was brilliant in the role of Harriet. Along with Gérard Depardieu as Bogus getting some slapstick moments but offering some words of advice when hitting tough times. All three creating a very nice and watchable film from start to finish. 

While it may just be a film that is filled with cliches and therefore predictable that didn’t take away any of the hard hitting moments and story that comes along with it. Important to try to understand the trauma a child can face when a parent dies and what can be done to support that. Something that is not easy no matter what age you are at and which family member you have lost. This being shown with Harriet coping with the loss of her sister, although I feel like I missed something on why they were no longer in contact?

It fits very well into the comedy drama genre that the 90s was so well known for, mixing the serious with some lighthearted and amusing moments from start to finish. But not forgetting the hard hitting times as well, particularly towards the end of this one. I actually did feel like I could just burst into tears as well, I felt that involved with the characters and story which can only be a compliment to the film. I do enjoy going back to films like this from the 90s as I always find myself enjoying them, I am not sure if it is due to the fact of being the same age as the child at that time that sticks in my mind? I am not saying that this film is the best but it is not the worst either which I guess is a good thing. I managed to watch this one on Amazon Video Prime UK, finding some decent films in that at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Bogus (1996) Review

    • Yeah I totally agree but I guess she was then limited to the roles she was being offered. I met her (through a fence haha) and saw her do stand up in London and she was outstanding!

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  1. Haven’t seen Bogus, but the director Norman Jewison was responsible for some of the best movies of the ’60s: The Thomas Crown Affair, In the Heat of the Night and The Cincinnati Kid. Hope you manage to see these.

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