American Psycho (2000) Review


Patrick Bateman is a very wealthy investment banker living in New York seeming to have a pretty perfect life, behind the scenes he has a psychopathic ego which sees him indulge in violent fantasies.


I have always wondered about this film as I have tried to catch up with as many of Christian Bale’s film as possible, because let’s face it he really has to be one of the best actors still working today with such a wide range of performances across all different genres. This was no different, he is outstanding as Patrick Bateman with the charisma showing through and then the sadistic side to the character as well. Because of his “normal” life to the outside world he just seems to get away with everything. Even when Donald Kimball starts asking questions about Paul Allen the lies just seem to come out.

With this type of film it could end up with too much blood and the violent scenes too much to handle, but they are done in an artistic manner. Which I know may sound very strange but that is how I felt when watching it. I just thought it was put together to show that Bateman just had to do those things, not great at all for his victims. While with his victims he talks about different music and the artist in great depth showing that he has a passion for this, which adds to the creepy nature of what is going to happen to them next.

It all really does rest on the performance from Bale and that is certainly incredible from start to finish, a truly creepy character he brings to life. We have some good actors in supporting roles but we don’t get very much of them throughout the film that includes Witherspoon, Dafoe and Leto. All have very small moments in the film.

The build up of violence is certainly something that gets worse each time, which as a viewer puts you in a very tense situation as you are not entirely sure what exactly he is going to do next. That is therefore a very interesting part of the film as we are unsure what outburst is going to come next! It must have been a fantastic experience to see it on the big screen when it was first released. I can really understand the hype surrounding this film in terms of the suspense and incredible Bale performance.

Would I watch the film again? Probably not, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean that in the best possible way that you don’t really need to see this type of film over and over again. Parts of it will stick with you for quite a while as it isn’t like anything else you see over and over again. Some of the scenes were brutal and that really does not need to be watched over and over again in my honesty opinion. A powerful and thought-provoking film with an outstanding performance.


5 thoughts on “American Psycho (2000) Review

  1. This is an example of a film that improves the book. Author Bret Easton Ellis wanted to show how shallow yuppies of the 80’s were pure evil, and he did so by writing some of the most offensive torture-porn in the novel, impossible to read due to how graphic and sickening the acts were – the film actually finds a better balance – making it more of a “black comedy” look at wealth and narcissm…not an easy film to watch, but more palatable by far than the book

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  2. I’ve been meaning to watch this movie for so long now. Totally get what you mean about not wanting/needing to see it again. Schindler’s List is one for me, it was a fantastic movie but I don’t ever want to see it a second time.

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