Throughly Modern Millie (UK Tour) Review


Hayley Tamaddon – Millie Dillmount
Michael Colbourne – Jimmy Smith
Lucas Rush – David Krumpler/Mrs Meers
Lisa Bridge – Dorothy Brown
Richard Meek – Trevor Graydon
Guy Salim – Ching Ho
Nicola Blackman – Muzzy Van Hossmere
Natalie Spriggs – Miss Flannery
Patrick Jeremy – Bun Foo

Venue: Sunderland Empire

Date: Tuesday 10th April 2018

Throughly Modern Millie is a rather crazy yet fun time at the theatre, with the bizarre storyline of Mrs Mears abducting young women who are “all alone in the world” so no one will miss them and shipping them off to Hong Kong. With Millie arriving in New York and wanting to get a job and marry her boss that sets a very unique tone. Especially when she met Jimmy on her first day but that does not stop her focusing on Trevor her new boss.

Those two parts of the story running alongside some fantastic musical numbers which were put together with some amazing dance routines it really does make for a very impressive theatre production. I am pretty sure I have only ever seen the film once and couldn’t remember well anything about it apart from the title song it was therefore great to go in with an open mind. Something I am very pleased I have done to add this show to my list of musicals.

The audience reactions to the show were outstanding and I could fully understand why with this being such a good production. Hayley Tamaddon was perfect as Millie and that was shown from start to finish.

Mrs Mears was always on the lookout for the girls to ship to Hong Kong and I have to say some of the moments with Ching Ho and Bun Foo were just hilarious, with subtitles on the top of the stage it really did create another level of comedy.

Something I really loved about seeing this show was that I had already seen so many of the actors in different shows, and I really appreciate seeing them take on different roles and show a wide range of talent when it comes to the different musical numbers. Richard Meek in the Rocky Horror and how amazing his role of Trevor Grayson and certainly getting the biggest laughs out of the audience during the “drunk” scene which was just hilarious. Lucas Rush who I saw in American Idiot taking on the crazy role of Mrs Mears and being totally brilliant in the process. I think this is a great show for Hayley Tamaddon to really show off her amazing talent and she more than deserved the applause and standing ovation at the end of the show.

I always find that it is worth giving musicals such a big chance because the entertainment factor is usually very high. I am very happy to say that this one more than ticks all of the boxes for a fun night at the theatre. A pretty old musical in terms of age but it certainly has been spruced up for this fun production. The dance numbers were well put together and you could not help but bop along to the catchy music.

Throughly Modern Millie is currently booking until July 2018 for the current UK Tour with more dates to be announced – Check out the remaining dates here!



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