Ghost Stories (2017) Review


Professor Phillip Goodman has a very skeptical approach towards the supernatural and the unexplained. We are taken on a journey with him when he comes across a file of three haunting cases that will push him to the very edge.


In the build up to seeing this film I had heard that it was actually very scary and the marketing surrounding the film saying that it is the best British horror for many years. If all of that is the case then I guess it has been a very poor genre. I didn’t find anything about this film scary, jumpy or frightening. At times it bordered on laughable in all honesty and I was left wondering how this was seen to be scary.

The three cases are all very different but contain unexplained events which don’t fit together but have something strange in them. Three very different men at different stages of life are shown and we are taken on the journey with Goodman as he asks questions about what happened on that night. But does he really get any proper answers? I guess you will have to watch and judge for yourself in all honesty but I won’t be recommending that.

I think my disappointment was that with the three cases it had the chance to really scare viewers and get into what would make them jump and fear happening to them. But it went too far that we couldn’t actually believe it was real. That was how I felt anyway, I mean yes I am fully aware that it is a film but surely it could have had more of an edge to it as that is what the trailer and build up has made us expect.

Such a shame really as I have become a big fan of Martin Freeman and we have to wait quite a while to get to his character. Which I guess was pretty interesting to begin with but again it wasn’t long before I felt bored with that as well. I am wondering if I was just missing something?

The ending was extremely annoying and made me wonder just why we had been subjected to watching the three cases to be let down in a very big manner. Like I honestly felt cheated with the ending and it was well a huge cop out for watching the previous hour and a half of film. I am therefore very curious if you have seen the film and if you enjoyed it. Found it scary or jumpy? Most importantly though how you actually found the ending?


5 thoughts on “Ghost Stories (2017) Review

  1. I’m not a fan of the genre, but I though it might be interesting with Martin Freeman, until I saw the trailer. There was nothing in it that caught my attention, so I passed. Glad to see I wasn’t missing out on anything. 😀

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