The Emoji Movie (2017) Review


Gene just happens to be a multi-expressional emoji but that doesn’t work for the world inside the phone and he sets out on an adventure to become a normal emoji.


First of all I know what you are thinking why on earth did you put yourself through watching this film? Well, the short answer is to find out if it was really as bad as all the reviews have stated. I can tell you that it really is that bad! Trying to pretend that a world called Textopolis exists inside your phone and that is where the action in the film takes place as the emoji’s attempt to become favourites and remembered by phone owner Alex.

Plenty of different things are mentioned that we use everyday Facebook gets a mention and obviously one of the games we see is Candy Crush let’s face it that game was just huge. I still go through phases of playing it now, come on I am sure everyone still does right? Anyway I realise that is taking away from the film but I guess this is a tough review to put together and have anything constructive in as the film does not really offer anything.

At one point it does mention that people see having “fans” on different social media as more important to having real friends and I guess that has become very true now. But this film does not really do anything to make you think too much about that. It makes you actually wonder how this film even got made with it having a pretty awful idea behind it. The bad reviews and talk surrounding this film really did get the better of me and I couldn’t help but watch it to find out for myself. A decision which I did regret when it started, I can now agree with the bad publicity around this one now though!

I can therefore confirm that it is not worth the time and effort to watch this film. I actually was quite shocked with the range of actors who supplied the voices for it. Especially Patrick Stewart being the 💩 like come on! Although he doesn’t have the biggest part but you can easily guess all of the jokes surrounding his part! I even got to the point where the film was making me not want to bother using emojis when sending messages or anything. So seriously do not waste any of your time watching this one!

6 thoughts on “The Emoji Movie (2017) Review

  1. And here I was thinking maybe they put something creative into it and it really was something meaningful. Can’t find a soul who’s seen it who doesn’t say it’s just crap. Amazing. The film Idiocracy comes to mind.

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