Midnight Sun (2018) Review


Katie is 17 years old and has hardly been able to leave her house due to suffering from a disorder called XP (Xeroderma Pigmentosum) which means the slightest bit of sunlight can be fatal for her. She has always admired Charlie from her window, but a chance meeting one night will change that summer and both of their lives.

It doesn’t take very long to get into the film as it moves at a pretty fast pace, we are given the background on Katie from her being a young child and how she cannot be exposed to any sunlight at all. So her education was all done by her father Jack her mother had died when she was a child. He is a fantastic father and has done everything possible to keep her alive. She has a best friend in Morgan who was not scared of her when in Elementary school and all of the other kids thought she was a vampire.

I could not help but compare this film to A Walk to Remember as it does have a lot of similarities with the love story that blossoms. Katie has always admired Charlie and cannot actually cope one night when he introduces himself as she is singing on the train platform. He really wants to get to know her but she does not want to tell him that she is sick, coming up with excuses that she is only available at night. I think from that it is nice that she gets the chance to feel normal but you cannot help but panic that everything is going to go terribly wrong because she has not told him the truth.

Charlie had been fighting his own battles after losing a scholarship to College after an injury stopped him from swimming. Something he doesn’t believe he can do again but surely Katie coming into his life is going to give him a big push. I felt as though the film didn’t get too corny or soppy. It made me realise that someone can come into your life just as you really need them and change everything for the better. Don’t we all need a little bit of hope every now and then?

Performance wise I thought Bella Thorne was engaging enough as Katie and the chemistry with Patrick Schwarzenegger who was very charming from start to finish. Quinn Shephard added some comic relief moments as the best friend and I actually thought Rob Riggle was rather impressive in a more serious role as everything we are used to seeing him in is full on comedy. He captured the right range of emotions and some of his moments made me cry even more! You will need to take the tissues with you for this one, as it was so sad at times and once you start you will struggle to stop. I am saying that because that was exactly how I felt watching it. Something just comes over you watching the sad scenes as it feels very personal. While it is not a great film overall it does have some good messages about living with a tough disease and how people can come along and help you out.


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