Ready Player One (2018) Review


In the year 2045 the real world isn’t a place people want to be so they spend most of their time in the OASIS. A virtual reality world where you can be whoever you want and explore the universe collecting coins and items along the way. It’s also a game and a challenge when Halliday the creator died it was announced that whichever user finds the Easter Egg will become the owner of the OASIS and his fortune.


Ready Player One is a very impressive film which sets out to remind everyone that the internet, online gaming and social media is not reality and something that we need to remember. I found myself fully engaged in the film from the very start and we spend most of the time in the OASIS. It is visually stunning and we have plenty of different things to look out for from many 80s films, not forgetting to mention the soundtrack as well.

Wade Watts is our hero and had a very tough start in life with his parents passing away while he was still a child and having to live with his Aunt who had a stream of horrible boyfriends. He therefore sees the OASIS as his world with his avatar Parzival. Through his avatar and his obsession with Halliday he is determined to win the contest and work out the clues to find the keys. He has not become part of a clan and works alone, although he does have three “friends” within the game and a four is then added in the quest to find the keys.

The main problem with the OASIS is that because it offers rewards in the real world for the winner companies are determined to win. Hiring people to constantly play and holding them if they are in debt. Therefore having the factory type feel as hundreds of people are working around the OASIS not with a username though they are just a number. This is headed up by Sorrento who is determined to have the full ownership of the OASIS and more power within the real world, that causes some problems for our gamers though when everything transfers to reality.

I really do think it raises such important questions surrounding the world of gaming and the references to popular films are something that we can all relate to. Although is it ok to be slightly disappointed that Spielberg took out the references to his own films? As I feel so many of them could have been great in this one! Although we did get to keep the DeLoren which was a great moment when it first appeared. I feel though that it will take a few different viewings to really pick up all of the references!

I went into the film not really sure what to expect in all honesty as the reviews have been pretty mixed, I felt as though that added to my experience as I went in with an open mind and not expecting loads. Although I was loving one of my favourite actors Mark Rylance who seems to be Spielberg’s go to actor at the moment, not complaining about that at all as he totally steals the scenes he is in. I will certainly be wanting to watch this one again! A very fun ride from start to finish with some interesting and important messages.


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