Unsane (2018) Review


A young woman named Sawyer Valentini is involuntarily committed to a mental institution after attempting to speak to someone about the stalker she has been traumatised from. Locked away she must face her biggest fear, but what is real and what is part of her delusion?


When seeing that Cineworld had this film as an Unlmited screening I had a quick look to see what it was about, my immediate thought was that it sounded very interesting. Then the day before the screening I saw the trailer twice and thought it still looked interesting yet also terrifying, plus Claire Foy is in the leading role and it was directed by Stephen Soderbergh who at one stage I used to claim was my favourite director. Something I did not know before seeing the film was that it was all filmed on an iPhone, like come on how totally crazy is that! Surely that makes everyone with an iPhone now think they can make a film with it! Ok, maybe not but still just wow.

Sawyer is shown to be a rather lonely character who has just moved to a new town, started a new job and lies to her mother on the phone about everything being amazing having new friends, while in reality she is very lonely and cannot get away from the man who was stalking her. When an internet date goes wrong and she freaks out, she looks for help. The problem is that the place she goes for help is a mental institution which then keeps her, mainly because she mentioned having suicidal thoughts. From that moment on when she is taken to a different room you cannot help but feel terrified for what is going to happen to her next.

The trauma and fear it manages to build up makes for a very uncomfortable watch as she uses her phone call to contact the police, which does not help at all. That first night with all of the really crazy people as well. She does find a friend in Nate Hoffman who seems very normal and with secrets. When no one believes Sawyer that her stalker is actually in the building and got a job at the institution she must battle for her life.

The film creates so much doubt over what is real and what is not real that when the ending hit I am now left unsure and have quite a few possibilities which I don’t really feel that I am able to discuss in the review as I don’t want it to contain any spoilers. So I would certainly be looking to discuss this film in more detail with people who have seen it! Missing IMDb message boards right now as that would be filled with theories and ideas!

Performance wise I thought Claire Foy was outstanding with the range of emotions she had to go through, especially with the many close up shots! Also I must mention her fantastic American accent as well that was very impressive. Sorry I know she’s a talent actress and we must blame The Crown for the very British accent! But I am so happy she has done a film like this and very interested to see what she will be doing over the next few years.

I have a feeling that this film is going to be on my mind for quite a few days and surely that shows the powerful messages it contains. Extreme stalking is an issue for so many people and I think this shows what they have to deal with and put up with, so if it manages to highlight what people are put through that is very helpful as well.


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  1. I have been lucky enough to have dinner several times with Steven Soderbergh – the husband of a co-worker – and we had great discussions of cinema – he is a huge fan of 70’s films, in fact he did a great conversation with the great Director Mike Nichols for the DVD release of “Catch-22” – can’t wait to see this one

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