Mary Magdalene (2018) Review


This is the story of Mary Magdalene and how she was involved in the story of Jesus Christ, in the build up to his crucifixion and the resurrection.


The story of Jesus Christ is referred to as the greatest story ever told and as we are reminded at the end of this film it took until 2016 for Mary Magdalene to be accepted by the church as an apostle of Jesus and not a prostitute as it was once thought. That means are we therefore subjected to two whole hours of Rooney Mara showing no expression at all with Joaquin Phoenix taking on the role of Jesus in a very strange way. At times I struggled to understand what he was saying. Therefore a rather awful adaptation of the tale which just had no life to it at all.

Such a shame really when given the chance to show that Mary was so much more and one of Jesus’ key followers helping him in many different ways. We get a look at Judas who was probably the best character as we got more from him than any of the others. It just seemed as though we were given a lot of far out shots as they travelled to get to Jerusalem but not much really happened up until that point. Baptising some people in the sea but other than that we weren’t really given up.

Mary did not want to marry the man her father picked out and that lead her to following Jesus who they all called “Rabbi”. It is never really explained why she acted like this when it was totally against what everyone did. Surely a lot of this was to try to make her look like a very strong and powerful woman? When in reality women had no power at all in those days, I would love to believe that they did but I really cannot accept that when even in the last 50 years women have been so far behind men. It seems to be a trend at the moment to try and make historical women out to be something they actually weren’t?

I will put in a warning that this film was a huge borefest with its two-hour running time feeling a lot longer than that. I don’t imagine it will in UK cinemas very long and maybe they should have released it this Friday ready for Good Friday and Easter Sunday the following week? It is pretty interesting to see different interpretations of this story but this film is not one of them at all. Way too many issues and problems with it my main one being Rooney Mara in the leading role. I really just do not get any of the hype around her as in every single role I have seen her she is expressionless and that does not bode well for this film when she is the leading role and must carry the whole thing. That is why I just found myself disinterested.


2 thoughts on “Mary Magdalene (2018) Review

  1. Ok then I am not going to see this one. Religious film I am not crazy about. There is a trend of religious film coming out here I reviewed on of them. I will do the second one on Tuesday. I know easter is coming. Nice review.

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