Game Night (2018) Review


A group of friends who meet up regularly for a game night are about to have one crazy night when Brooks suddenly returns to throw everything into chaos.


Max and Annie both extremely competitive when it comes to games met one night at a games night and instantly fell in love. We then see them hosting a game night for their friends and trying to avoid strange neighbour Gary who used to attend with his now ex-wife. Something he cannot come to terms with. But when Brooks shows up again this puts a big stress on Max who has never been able to cope with his older brother being better than him at everything, including his life. Although we get to find out that everything is not what it seems.

Brooks decides that game night at the amazing house he is renting will be a very special one that they will not forget. That is going to include a mystery kidnapping and having to work out clues to get the person who is taken back! Although that doesn’t really go to plan when he is actually kidnapped but they don’t realise that was actually all real. Obviously going to happen when you know its a mystery game.

I want to start positive as I really did find myself laughing out loud at different moments as some of the scenes generally are funny! I thought it felt pretty real in terms of reactions to situations. Like if you found out you had a real gun after messing around with it. Attempting to get a bullet out of a wound, using good old Google to help with that and struggling with the sleep time on a phone! Other than those small moments though on the whole it is a pretty messy film. The twists are decent but after the same twist again and again you are left unsure about well all of it in the end.

It goes well in a direction that you never really expect but once it goes it stays there and you just have to accept it all really. I will admit that I have a slight soft spot for Jason Bateman and put him firmly on my guilty pleasure list! I do like Rachel McAdams as well and the pair surprisingly work very well alongside each other which is certainly a big positive for the film. The rest of the cast is good in their roles as well with Billy Magnussen probably getting the most laughs with the stupidity of his character.

So overall different to what I expect but nothing special in the end. I have to give a comedy some credit though when it actually does make me laugh and this one did make me laugh on a few different occasions. One of the better comedy action genre films we have had in recent years I will say that for this one! Who else has seen it and how did you find it? 

5 thoughts on “Game Night (2018) Review

  1. We liked it for what it was: clever enough, funny enough and entertaining enough…in today’s world that more than I get most times…if you want to see a classic “whodunnit” murder mystery with a delicious take on Hollywood, try this from 1973, available on Dvd and indemand – with James Coburn, Raquel Welch, James Mason, Dean Cannon and Richard Benjamin – written by Anthony “Psycho” Perkins and Stephen Sondheim! –


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