Tomb Raider (2018) Review


Lara Croft has struggled through her life after the disappearance of her father not wanting to admit that he is dead and signing for her inheritance of the family home and companies he owned, her limits are about to be tested when clues lead her to the island he had last visited.


I know what a lot of people are probably thinking do we really need a reboot of Tomb Raider? I also feel that I should admit that I haven’t actually seen the other two films, not entirely sure why but never mind. I therefore went into this one not really sure what to expect. Don’t get me wrong I used to play on the game many years ago now, not that I was actually any good at it the only part I used to enjoy was that obstacle course in the garden. Anyway Alicia Vikander was the perfect choice for the role and carries the film in a fantastic manner from start to finish.

We get a small glimpse of the tough life Lara has ended up in struggling for cash and taking part in pretty crazy things to get money. Like the bike race! That leads though to her guardian having to bail her out and eventually looking to take responsibility and have her inheritance before everything is sold off! This then leads to clues and learning more about her father and the part of his life that she never had any idea about. This was showing how good she was at puzzles and problem solving something they used to do together.

Following this she finds information which she was actually supposed to destroy but the longing of finding out her fathers fate meant that she could not do that easily and found herself wanting to find this hidden island. Linking up with the son of the man her father went with this created a good bond when heading across to the island. Things aren’t what they expected when they get there and meeting the very creepy Mathias Vogel meant everything was about to change.

I found the story moved at a very good pace with a few twists and turns along the way, nothing that you probably didn’t guess along the way though but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable. I was surprised about how much I liked the film but I think that was mainly due to the good character development with Vikander as Croft. I also have new body goals as she certainly had plenty of muscle and has given me new personal training challenges! I also thought it was a great female character which is something I always want to see. I would have loved this film when I was younger with how kick-ass they have made her! I think that will be a very positive thing for young girls watching the film.

It’s great to be pleasantly surprised by a film especially in the action genre, but this really is one of the better ones that has been released in the past few years. Set up very nicely for a sequel as well which I am sure we will end up getting?


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