Oscars 2018 – Best Actor

The top award for any actor as they take on the leading role, a very strong year which is evident when you look at the nominees!

Have a little look at the five actors nominated in the leading role . . .

Timothee Chalamet, Call Me By Your Name (Review)

I find this performance a little difficult to talk about as I didn’t really feel it was outstanding and it adds to my confusion about the hype around Chalamet. Playing a seventeen year old who experiences first love with another man, struggling to come to terms with his feelings and being very sure about himself. Maybe he is in contention mainly for his showing of emotions during the credits?

Daniel Day-Lewis, Phantom Thread (Review)

By now we all fully understand how Day-Lewis works he studies the character often going away and becoming them. That was not different for his preparation for this role in which he is a fashion designer who falls in love with a younger woman and struggles to go on with his life in the same way. Day-Lewis has said this will be his final role ever, will that sway the Academy in his direction?

Daniel Kaluuya, Get Out (Review)

I think this is the nomination that actually makes me the happiest as Kaluuya is outstanding in Get Out, which must not have been an easy role to get into at all. He deserves all of the recognition that he has been receiving for really driving and being well this film.

Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour (Review)

It’s his year right? That is something we keep hearing about Oldman’s unbelievable turn as Winston Churchill. Although he more than deserves it for this outstanding performance, he is what makes the film. Honestly you are watching and you have to remind yourself that Oldman is behind all of the prosthetics and make up. He is outstanding and truly deserves to take home the Oscar.

Denzel Washington, Roman J Israel, Esq

I didn’t get to see this film, I have just checked and it has UK release date 2nd February? I don’t remember seeing it on anywhere.

Who I want to win: Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour
Who I think will win: Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour

Who was your favourite?


6 thoughts on “Oscars 2018 – Best Actor

  1. Oldman has it in the bag and he’s deserving. I do prefer Day-Lewis though. He never ceases to sweep me away with his performances. 100% with you on the Chalamet hype. Don’t get it. Also don’t get the Kaluuya hype. Loved him in the second half of Get Out, but found him incredibly bland in the first half. Washington I liked A LOT. It’s kinda the same here – very few seemed to see the movie.

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