Game – Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The official trailer for a new Harry Potter game which will be hitting iOS and Android devices, as a mobile game. I briefly remember hearing something that was going to come in a similar format to Pokemon Go, but this certainly looks a little bit different.

I guess it looks pretty interesting but a game that surely would have served being released when the films were still going? I guess only time will tell how it is received but I imagine it will break records for downloads when it is available. By the trailer it says Spring 2018 so I guess we won’t really have too long to wait and find out. Will you be playing? 

It actually reminds me of some of the older games we have had in film universes, remember my look back at Blade Runner and Titanic? Seems that old style of gameplay is coming back!

Google Play is open for pre-registration but nothing for Apple products yet!



6 thoughts on “Game – Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

  1. This looks great, comparably. I think it will be hard to resist making all these choices, like selecting house, making friends, learning from teachers, so many people will be hooked instantly. However, as an absolute fan of the EA PC game Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which I played hundreds of time when young, I don’t particularly like the graphics in this game, and I am still not overly convinced.

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