Cineworld Secret Screening 7 – Possible Films

Not too long after Secret Screening 6 which turned out to be a very good preview of Molly’s Game we have the 7th Unlimited Secret Screening at Cineworld!


Screening Type: 2D, Unlimited Preview
Date/time: Tuesday 13th March 2018 at 20:00
Runtime: 90 mins
Rating: TBC

Remember that it does not have adverts and only trailers so if you leave it 20-30 minutes you will miss the start of the film!

As usual I thought I would attempt to guess the possible films it would be, not going to look at the time or anything this time as Molly’s Game showed that it really didn’t matter at all. I am determined to have the film in my guesses at least once! Again they have put down 90 minutes, which we know doesn’t really matter at all! The rating caused problems last year when it was announced the film was a 15 so some people couldn’t take their kids!

Anyway let’s have a look at the possible film we could be watching . . .

Tomb Raider (14th March)
With the release date being the following day it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if it was this film with an extra day for a preview. I would be quite happy if it was as I think this looks like a great reboot!

Peter Rabbit (16th March)
Probably a long shot as I don’t imagine a family aimed film would be used for a Secret Screening as it always tends to be an action film.

The Square (16th March)
the square
Until looking at future films to be released I had never heard of this one, which is about a man who is curator of a contemporary art museum. When his next exhibition The Square is about to test everything people know about themselves a series of events then unfold.

Mary Magdalene (16th March)
I guess it could be a slight preview for a film that might not really pull in the box office crowds, released a little early for Easter. Interesting considering this film has been pulled in the US to have a release but it looks as though we are still getting it in the UK.

Pacific Rim Uprising (23rd March)
Well I haven’t seen the first Pacific Rim film so I might struggle a little bit if this if the secret film. But I do enjoy John Boyega so I guess it wouldn’t be too bad!

Proud Mary (23rd March)
I am going to have this as my pick of what I think the film will be, it certainly fits the mould of previous Secret Screening films and I would be ok with that. Taraji P. Henson is a fantastic actress and in this one we get to see her as a kick ass character taking on the role of hit woman.

A Wrinkle in Time (23rd March)
Probably shouldn’t have even put this one in the list considering it is the next offering from Disney and as we all know they don’t do preview screenings or anything like that because well they just don’t need to as everyone sees the films anyway. It does look like a pretty strange and interesting one!

Ready Player One (28th March)
This is the biggest hope from everyone right? I guess so a Steven Spielberg sci-fi film about a virtual reality world. This really does look like a very impressive film and it would be a lovely surprise if this just happened to be the Secret Screening film!

Isle of Dogs (30th March)
I seriously hope it is not this film as I have seen the trailer a few times now and I really do not want to see this one. It just doesn’t look like my type of thing at all, so I will be keeping everything crossed that it’s anything but this film!

Love, Simon (6th April)
I’m not sure if a romantic comedy about a teenager who knows he is gay but hasn’t come out yet is a film that would be the secret screening but I really do like the look of this one and think it will have some good messages.

I wasn’t going to even mention the following film but changed my mind at the last-minute to say it WILL NOT be the secret film . . .

Avengers: Infinity War 

What film do you think the 7th Secret Screening is going to be? 



8 thoughts on “Cineworld Secret Screening 7 – Possible Films

    • This was written before that was announced, but it did happen with the first Secret Screening when it was The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


  1. Based on Molly’s game being a month early how about Rampage? My first guess was tomb raider which doesn’t seem like much of a preview being just one day early. They did the same for Dawn of the planet of the apes though so who knows.


    • Yeah it’s much harder to guess now, especially with what has happened in the past. They used to change the running time and it was always closer to the actual film. I still think they should say two hours as that would be closer to any of the running times.


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