Everything Sucks! (Season 1) Review


In the 1990s we are taken to Boring High School in Boring, Oregon to witness the coming together of the A/V club and the drama club. How each of the teenagers are dealing with growing up and everything High School throws at them.

Ok, I was born in 1987. Not in the US in the UK and therefore parts of this series really did make me smile and think back to the 90s. I want to get the mention in early of Ring Pops! If you have no idea what they are then I demand you google it and/or watch this series. The music is probably the biggest factor in making this a very good series. The stories are nothing new in terms of High School series/films.

The main character we are given in Luke O’Neil who has just started at the High School. Along with his geeky friends McQuaid and Tyler they know they are in for a rough ride. That doesn’t stop them wanting to make films and videos. Luke is pretty determined and set on getting a girlfriend with Kate Messner the girl he sets his sights on, the only problem is that she is the Principals daughter, actually a bigger problem for Like is that Kate is realising her sexuality.

When an incident occurs with the theatre being flooded in an attempt to stop the Drama club from bullying him Luke comes up with a plan that they will shoot a movie. This is what the series is then based around, this is something I thought was very 90s with the video cameras and VHS. Along with the alien theme, which was rather amusing to watch.

By no means did I find it groundbreaking but it certainly is a breeze to watch from start to finish and it really does not take very long to fly through the episodes. Having a look at each character as they are so self involved they don’t really think of the impact their decisions have on those around them. That is a learning curve and helps people to really grow. That isn’t just the kids though as we see Ken Messner and Sherry O’Neil find each other and then have to fight to be together as well, so we are given some adult perspective into it all as well.

I also loved seeing the Oasis album (What’s the Story?) Morning Glory with Wonderwall given a rather big part in one of the episodes. Considering that has become one of my favourite songs of all time to see it in the show really was a very impressive moment.

Overall, the series isn’t groundbreaking but such an easy watch which will remind you of the different choices you had to make in what I believe was a simpler time growing up compared to that now with Smart Phones and Social Media! I did like the very small mention of the World Wide Web and the slow internet connection, that was all the start of it!

I also wanted to add into this post these truly incredible posters featuring many things we had to contend with in the 90s being compared to the current day! If you have no idea what some of them are then it makes me feel extremely old!

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Have you watched this yet? Or do you think you will take a little walk into the 90s and give this a try? I guess it has some similar effect to Stranger Things for those who grew up in the 80s.


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