Love Story (1970) Review


Jenny and Oliver are from very different backgrounds but that does not stop them from falling madly in love with each other when they are at college. But when tragedy strikes the meaning of love will be shown, remember though that means you never have to say you’re sorry!


I am pretty sure that many years ago I had watched this film but in all honesty I couldn’t really remember much about it. Other than Jenny’s tragic ending, on watching it again though so many other issues are part of this film. The main one being from Oliver’s father and that he does not approve of the relationship because of the different social statuses. Luckily though that does not make any different to Oliver and he is more than happy to lose everything for Jenny.

That is certainly something that makes you appreciate this very pure love story. They argue and annoy each other constantly but one thing is for sure they are deeply in love and would do anything and everything for the other person. It makes you wonder if love even exists like this anymore as it really doesn’t seem like it does. The moment something gets tough then people leave and they don’t show any fight to stay together. At least that is what it looks like when you compare to an older film like this.

The film was actually nominated for seven Oscars winning one for best music original score, therefore this is another review that is towards the Best Picture Project which is an ongoing feature on Let’s Go To The Movies. Although watching it now you see the changes in the Oscar nominations as I don’t really think a film like this would be nominated in this day and age for many awards.

O’Neal and MacGraw have fantastic chemistry together and you really do find yourself rooting for them from start to finish. I was actually very close to seeing them both on stage last year in a play, but due to surgery O’Neal had to pull out from the production and it was cancelled. That certainly would have been an amazing treat to see them back together acting again.

The line about love means never having to say you’re sorry really is something that you can take in many different ways and I will admit that I was crying my eyes out in the final scene and Oliver’s confrontation with his father whilst thinking you should have just told him! Even though we all know why he didn’t bother, due to the earlier fall out. That part seemed to get to me the most on this most recent viewing.

It is still very nice though to watch a romantic drama that is not focused on sex and truly looking at love and how that can change people so much. I very much doubt Oliver thought he would ever end up with someone like Jenny and vice versa but do you know what they really did just work together and that creates a very impressive film that you cannot help but smile and cry along with.

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