The Loft (2014) Review


Five married men all decide to have part of a secret loft that no-one else knows anything about, so they can carry out secret affairs and enjoy another life. That is about to all come crashing down when one morning the body of a woman is found in the bed and one of them must have some idea who it is and what happened . . .


In what is a pretty awful storyline to begin with five married men all deciding to have part of a loft where they can do anything they want without anyone else knowing about it doesn’t seem like something that you would want to watch. The fact that each of the characters are rather horrible and not likeable at all, it makes it well a very painful film to watch.

As they all constantly lie you are never really sure of which version is going to be the truth. They attempt to put in a few plot twists which then take it off in slightly different directions but the final outcome wasn’t really surprising in terms of who was behind everything. Even if some of the reasonings were stranger and more messed up than you could have imagined.

It was not a good film but at the same time I did find myself wanting to know exactly what happened to the woman who’s body was found in the bed. I guess that is something this time of film does to you, as you work out what you think happened you need to know if you were right.  Although with parts of this I am not sure if you would want to be fully right or not.

It does not paint men in general in a very good light at all, that they would all be more than willing to constantly cheat and do everything and anything that they constantly wanted. No holds barred and anything goes. Having to text each other when the loft was in use. Watching as a woman it does not really fill you with any confidence in trusting what your man is up to when he’s not around!

The film doesn’t really give you much of an insight into the women in their lives, just having them as secondary characters who don’t really matter very much at all. I guess that links up with how the men view them. So overall this is an awful film, with awful characters and an awful plot. I think it could have had a lot of substance and really made a point if it has been all done in a very different way. I wouldn’t watch this one in a hurry or at all to be brutally honest. A shame really with a rather impressive cast! I am going to blame my low feelings on a Sunday night for feeling weak and deciding to watch this one, best excuse I can come up with.


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