When We First Met (2018) Review


Noah cannot help but constantly think about the perfect first night he had with Avery the girl of his dreams, and that he waited too long to make a proper move and it was all finished with a hug putting him in the friend zone! Three years later he is still wondering what went wrong, until he gets his chance to change everything by travelling back in time . . .


Sometimes I just cannot resist watching the brand new Netflix original’s as I feel that there’s something great about watching something that has just been released and not that many people would have seen it yet. That is something I did with this one, when not feeling fantastic it turned out to be a great choice for feeling like that! Why? Well, you don’t really need to be fully switched on for this one.

I don’t really mean that in a bad or negative way as it does have some interesting moments and thinking points. I wasn’t expecting that to be brutally honest and I actually thought Adam Devine was pretty good in this leading role and at times I thought he was like a young Jack Black, he certainly sounded like him throughout and has that high energy in the same way.

Noah is obsessed and in love with his best female friend, which isn’t the best considering she has recently been engaged to Ethan who is pretty much perfect in every single way. Getting extremely drunk at the party and having Carrie drive him home, he ends up back in the bar which sparks memories and the Photo Booth.

The thing is the photo booth for some reason suddenly works as a time machine and this transports Noah back three years to that night he got placed in the friend zone. This is something that takes some getting used to for him and shows that it really does not work when you attempt to change the past, because ever moment influences everything you know about the future.

That is something that I found enjoyable about the film, no matter how he tried to change that night something else would then not work out for him and Avery in the future. It was like the universe was trying to tell him something right? I guess so, but as a viewer it is also trying to tell us many things as well. For example not regretting anything or wishing you had done it differently because everything happens for a reason. You might not understand those reasons to begin with but one day it will all fall into place and make sense. Well, that is what I am taking from this film and waiting for the day when everything in my own life will fall into place, if that is possible of course.

Another big plus about this film is that it has a very short running time of 97 minutes which means it is very easy to fit it in when you find yourself very busy. I am not saying it is a great/fantastic film but as a comedy with some good ideas about life and getting you to think about everything. One of the better Netflix Original films we have had!


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