The Intelligence Men (1965) Review


A coffee shop manager ends up involved with MI5 and becoming a spy when he poses as a recently dead Major becoming a key part of the plot.


Morecambe & Wise are still very much regarded as the greatest comedians the UK has ever had. I have seen a lot of the TV series and best moments of the comedy duo, including all of the Christmas specials. My Nanna was such a huge fan and watching them certainly reminds me of her. One day I just so happened to spot that they were in a film that was on Talking Pictures TV and recorded it, it was bound to be funny right?

Basically it is an attempt for Morecambe and Wise to break out onto the big screen from the TV series they were so famously known for. The plot is not massive as they have a pretty much Spy spoof film and are playing “themselves” Eric taking on the role of the coffee shop manager and getting in some of his famous dance moves. With Ernie taking on the role of the MI5 agent making him able to get in his straight comedy role no problem.

I enjoyed watching this as I knew what to expect and that was some well daft and silly laughs over the duration of the film. It is by no means groundbreaking but if you like the TV series then you will certainly have a soft spot for this film. Everything you know and love about the duo and the act they do is taken and put into the film. Plenty of one liners and moments, like Eric slapping Ernie in the face! I am afraid though that if you are not aware of the pair then this film will be very lost and not really look like much at all.

A film that would fit perfectly for Sunday afternoon viewing when you just want to chill out and watch something that is funny and will take your mind off everything for a small amount of time at least. This was the first venture into films and I would be quite curious to see what the rest of them are actually like. Nothing wrong with a little bit of mindless old comedy fun. I never feel that this type of comedy works in current films, but the older ones seem to have got it just right. Maybe that is something to do with the censorship that they had to deal with in the 60s but not anything they really have to worry about now, so we don’t actually have that filter anymore as pretty much anything goes.


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