Brad’s Status (2017) Review


Brad Sloan is on a trip to the East Coast with his son Troy as he is touring and interviewing for different colleges, with Harvard being his number one choice. Along the way Brad cannot help but think about his own college experiences and how he has since lost his friends from that time . . .


Brad has many issues going on in his head and we are about to experience them all as well. That is certainly something we could do without, it is very heavy and tough going in a film to constantly hear a characters thoughts with a voiceover to the face changing on-screen. I guess it just wasn’t what I was in the mood for and I found the whole thing pretty boring in all honesty as Troy was not a likeable character at all along with Brad.

Brad cannot deal with his now former friends having a lot more success and money than he has ever had. He has built them all up in such a way in his head that they are untouchable in his eyes and totally phased him out, which I guess wasn’t entirely the way that it happened. I will give the film the credit that it is very interesting to think that you actually talk yourself into something. Not being able to cope with everything going on around you and the fact that everyone is actually just self involved and don’t really think about how their actions impact those around them.

The film not only tackles that but the getting older aspect with an almost 50-year-old man and his son going off to college and how he cannot cope with all of that. Nothing ever seemed enough to Brad and that made him his own worst enemy. The problem I had been that I just didn’t really like Brad and the way he went about everything. It became very frustrating towards the end which I think took out any of my enjoyment. Maybe this one is aimed more at men and the way they think? That women think differently? I am not entirely sure but if you have seen the film I would be interesting to know how the male and females both found it! I’m kinda hoping it is going to be a different reaction.

I do like the message about making sure you don’t build others up too much in your own head and create them to be an enemy when they are anything but that. Over thinking really has become the worst possible thing you can do to yourself and creating scenarios in your head and then pretty much thinking that it actually happened. Which is very interesting to think about, I know this probably makes it sound like I therefore enjoyed the film, I really didn’t. It could have been done in a much better way in my opinion and added more humour, only a couple of the lines were funny which was a bit of a shame really.

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