Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) Review


When Robin returns home to find his father dead and the Sheriff of Nottingham causing chaos he decides to fight back as an outlaw when meeting Little John with his companion Azeem.


In all honesty I have no idea how in nearly nine years of reviewing films that I had not ever reviewed this one, even though I have mentioned it in many blog posts and included it in lists/blogathon posts! Considering it was one of my favourite films when I was younger and Christian Slater was one of my first crushes, seems totally crazy that I had never actually reviewed the whole film. Maybe it was one of those that I actually thought I had already reviewed? Anyway I am about to change that and make everything right in the world!

Robin of Locksley was capture by the Turks during the Crusades and this is where our story begins, as he manages to escape and get back to England. Azeem who’s life he saved vows to stay with him and repay this event. When he returns home though he finds out that his father has been brutally murdered by the Sheriff of Nottingham whilst King Richard is overseas, causing absolute chaos in England. He attempts to get help from Maid Marian a childhood friend, and he was away with her brother. When ending up in Sherwood forest and having to fight against Little John he ends up staying with the outlaws and does everything he can to help them out, this is when he becomes Robin Hood. Stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor, much to the dismay of the Sheriff.

I know this film gets a pretty bad rap and I honestly do not care at all about that. I have always loved it and still find myself enjoying it to this day when I watch it. Sometimes I think it depends when you first watched a film and you’re admiration towards it. Other than the accent I thought Kevin Costner was a good Robin Hood and you wanted him to succeed. Not forgetting that this is the first film where I saw Christian Slater as Will Scarlett, a character who has a rather big secret!

Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham is absolutely fantastic and totally steals every single scene that he is in. Cancel Christmas, cut his heart out with a spoon just two moments off the top of my head. But come on he really is just outstanding in that role and you cannot imagine anyone else coming close to that level.

Whilst all of the fighting and stealing is going on we also get the love story between Robin and Marian which is pretty laid back and not too much of the focus on the whole film. I actually thought that Marian was a pretty strong female character in this one as she did not want to be just saved and did try to stand up for herself, looking after everything until her cousin King Richard returned.

Overall, I really still do like this film a lot. Yes, it has its issues but I enjoy watching it and isn’t that really the main thing when you are watching a film to enjoy it and switch off from everything?

8 thoughts on “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) Review

  1. This is a proper classic and although so many things don’t make sense: How he gets to Nottingham so quickly from Dover, the accents, many other random things but I seriously don’t care, it’s bloody great!

    Alan Rickman is inspired, it’s pure old-school entertainment and I agree with all your say. Just ace.

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  2. I haven’t seen it in years. Kinda scared to because I too have always really liked it. It’s a weird thing that feels slightly off from the classic tale but that’s part of what I liked about it.

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