All the Money in the World (2017) Review


Inspired by true events of the kidnapping of Paul Getty and how his mother Gail attempted to get his billionaire Grandfather Jean Paul Getty to pay the ransom, with Fletcher Chase attempting to help in the negotiations.


Let’s face it who hasn’t heard about this film, you know the one where Kevin Spacey was in it and the Ridley Scott (and company) had then decided to recast and re-shoot the role with Christopher Plummer, that has to be mentioned around this film really because the biggest compliment I can pay it is that I really cannot imagine anymore but Plummer in the role of Getty. He was truly outstanding from start to finish, he really has been in some fantastic roles over the past few years and this certainly tops it all off.

To begin with we are given a little back story on the family and how Getty made his billions, but did not really know his son and family. The move to Rome and everything else that was in the build up to young Paul being kidnapped. To begin with it didn’t seem as though it was that serious and they were just trying for the money, Getty had no intention of paying it as thought it would just mean all of his Grandchildren would then be at risk. We are then shown a mixture of his mother attempting to come up with the money and what is happening with young Paul. It all got very serious and more events happened to him whilst his Grandfather was not budging.

The film is extremely powerful mainly because of the brilliant performances from Plummer, Williams and Wahlberg. I feel the latter won’t really get enough credit but I thought he was just as good and all together it created a very tense film from start to finish. Plummer had the evil side of the character so very well and Williams as the desperate mother impressed me a lot. I also think Charlie Plummer showed some very good moments as young Paul.

It turns out to be a very thought-provoking film as we are told everyone has a price for well everything. What would you be willing to pay to help save someone in your family. If you become rich can you stay rich? Getty was shown to be rather heartless and keeping his money to himself, but a good point is made if he gave money to everyone who asked and begged for whatever reason then he would have none either. I guess parts of this will depend how much money the person watching it has.

I felt this was a very different type of film than we are used to from Ridley Scott and I very much enjoyed it. I like a film that has a thriller of a storyline and keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat, even teasing as this one did a few times when we were wondering what was going to happen to the young man.

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