Hamilton Ticket – Disappointment

When I was starting to write my review for the show I ended up getting into small rant about the ticket I had bought so I thought it was best to write a separate blog post about it.

View from Seat
View from Row D seat 9 – Acceptable for £89.50?

The prices were crazy and I’m actually outraged that I paid £89.50 for a seat that was actually a restricted view, who even decided that? I couldn’t see many of the things happening on the right side of the stage which I think for that price and not to be told that it was restricted is actually a disgrace. I obviously didn’t anything whilst inside the theatre as didn’t want to be that person considering it would be the fault of the people working as ushers.

Considering the tickets had a price structure surely the end seats when you cannot see certain parts of the stage should then be a reduction in price?

Let’s face it though this show is going to be the start of even more ridiculous prices for West End shows which have been creeping up quite a lot over the past few years anyway, but luckily they aren’t anywhere near as crazy as Broadway. Having been over to New York in the summer I was actually shocked how much more they charged compared to the West End.

I actually feel that it affected my experience of then watching the show, so I guess people need to be careful when selecting the seats and thinking oh yes that’s second price banding so should still be a very good view. I actually dread to think what the view must be like in some of the cheapest seats?

I will say something positive about the actual seats though they were very comfortable which I guess was a very good thing with the show being quite long. Even though it does feel like being penalised for not wanting to spend £200 on a “premium” seat and opting for that next price option which should surely not be the case?

I have been to a lot of different theatres now and depending on the layout and then the show you are seeing you get perfect views sitting on the end seat. I felt as though I had to write this blog post to get this out and I am wondering if anyone else has felt the same yet? Although the show only opened in December so I guess its very early days yet.

I’m guessing that rows further back and seats on the end would have a slightly worse view. I have been trying to find a better view of the stage to show what I was missing but I think it is pretty much the same as the left side which you can see in my photo and that more balcony and stairs are in place, obviously I couldn’t see which characters were up on the right side at all. I’m sure anyone who attends the theatre can really understand my frustration and being well rather upset about the view for the price. If I had paid a lot less I could have understood and warned that it is a restricted view (which theatres do when you will miss some of the action.


10 thoughts on “Hamilton Ticket – Disappointment

  1. Sounds frustrating. I had an end seat at Dreamgirls this week and felt I missed nothing – up high, so only paid £20. For nearly £90 I would be hugely upset. Have you ever used Theatre monkey – I wonder what their guidance on your seat is, you can enter your review on there and future theatre-goers will see it. I used it for guidance when thinking about going to see Griff Rhys-Jones in The Miser last year and also when thinking about going to Groundhog Day. On both occasions, I decided not to go, as the price I was happy to pay would not get me a seat I was happy to have. London theatre is getting very costly.

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    • I think the frustration is really because of it being a new show. I’ve sat in loads of end seats and had fantastic views, but then also had reduced prices and told it was restricted (which prepares you) but not for it to be full price and top price!

      I’m not sure if the theatre was changed a lot in the big refurbishment it had in preparation for Hamilton.


  2. Have you considered uploading it to https://seatplan.com/ where you can leave reviews of the seats and see what other people think. In most shows they do normally discount these seats. I’m heading to Hamilton in March but I’m on the end in row T, that cost me 50something and I’m going to have the overhang of the royal circle in my view I just hope that I don’t have the same experience sort of experience that you did. Hopefully with enough outrage and complaints they may discount the restricted view seats.

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    • Yeah totally! I just could not really believe it when I sat down as just assumed it would be ok, although in the panic of trying to get a ticket during the booking period I didn’t even notice it was an end seat.

      I had a huge issue and had to change from the ticket I originally had for March and go through the ticket buying again before I got a refund.

      I want to give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe the theatre wasn’t finished the refurbishment when they sold them?

      I hope your view is ok!


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