Top 10 – Theatre Shows in 2017

I had such an incredible year at the theatre (2017 at the theatre) that putting together this top 10 list of shows that I managed to see has been very tough! I was lucky enough to see many UK touring shows, West End and this year Broadway as well. All of which are fantastic experiences and I actually managed to see a lot of new shows to myself and some favourites all over again, the thing with Theatre is that with musicals and plays the productions can be slightly changed which gives you a brand new way to watch it!

A reminder of my year at the theatre, check out all of the shows I managed to see on stage during 2017!

10. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (West End)

A play set all in one night with Martha and George as the totally crazy hosts, as they show a young couple just what can happen to you during the course of a long marriage. Amazing performances from Imelda Staunton and Conleth Hill absolutely blew me away, you might have heard a little bit about this production as food was banned in the theatre during the performance and I certainly thought that was such a good thing with the dramatic play.

9. Bat out of Hell the Musical (West End)

A musical from Jim Steinman featuring Meat Loaf’s well-known Bat out of Hell songs, that was an instant must see for myself. It has a wacky and wonderful story to fit all of the song in and has some amazing moments. It was an extremely loud show and rightly so that is just how a rock musical should be. It was fantastic to see so many huge Meat Loaf fans in the audience for this one. I am very pleased that they are bringing it back to London after it has finished its run in Canada.

8. 42nd Street (West End)

Come along and sing with me the lullaby of broadway, for some reason over the years that has always been one of my favourite musical theatre songs so to see it live on stage was very special. The tap dancing is dazzling and the costumes make this a truly special West End production, rightly on the biggest stage in the West End to really be able to show off those dance routines and get as many dancers on the stage to do them the amazing credit they deserve.

7. La Cage Aux Folles (UK Tour – Sunderland)

Just incase you are unsure this is the musical version of ‘The Birdcage’ and it is extremely fabulous. This is the second time I have had tickets for the UK tour, but the first time it actually toured. One got cancelled a few years ago now but I had seen it in the West End. John Partridge is truly amazing in the leading role and really blew me away with his Zaza/Albin. The dance routines are on a very good and that is just perfect for this wonderful show.

6. Hello, Dolly! (Broadway)

Well, hello Bette Midler on Broadway on my 30th birthday. It was certainly an amazing show with brilliant performances from start to finish the buzz around the theatre was like nothing I have ever felt before, that is what Bette Midler on stage would do to everyone. The show itself had a very impressive set up and amazing costumes, Let’s not mention anything about the ticket prices though.

5. Wonderland the Musical (UK Tour – Sunderland)

Let’s face it we all love Alice in Wonderland and the different adaptations we seem to get and I thought everything about this show had the potential to see it go very far! Kerry Ellis was in the leading role during the Sunderland shows and she is such a versatile performer with an amazing vocal range. I thought the songs were engaging and the production was so well put together, was such a shame that the tour therefore had to finish early as I felt it had a similar vibe to Wicked.

4. Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (West End)

What else can I keep saying about this show? It quickly became a favourite and really got me into Carole King, so much so that I went down for its closing show in the West End, which I will admit was very expensive but more than worth it to see Cassidy Janson’s final performance as Carole King she is an amazing performer and that rendition of ‘Natural Woman’ was something else!

3. Dreamgirls (West End)

Making its London debut, yes really it had never been in London before this production which is pretty crazy really. Amber Riley taking on the role of Effie White was something I am so happy to say I had the privilege of watching and crying my eyes out as she belted out “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” which was a truly incredible theatre moment. The whole cast was outstanding and it really is an incredible production of a great show.

2. War Paint: A New Musical (Broadway)

Before heading to NYC in July I just had to buy tickets for this show I mean how often do you get to witness the legend of Patti LuPone on stage? Turns out I will be seeing her return to the West End this year but never mind. Getting to see her in a new musical was outstanding and I really fell in love with this show, two amazing female leading roles and the vocals from LuPone and Ebersole were something else. I would love to see what is going to happen to this show next and would love for it to come to London one day!

1. Young Frankenstein the Musical (West End/Newcastle)

Now this show really is something else, I have never seen a show that makes you laugh as much as this one does, with the jokes direct from the film and the incredibly funny and amusing musical numbers. I had tickets for the UK Premiere which was at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle, a truly fantastic evening with the legend that is Mel Brooks in attendance. It was so amazing I went back two more times during its run in Newcastle and then just had to see it in the West End on a London trip as well. So I managed to see this show four times and it was easily my favourite of 2017 and become one of my all time favourites. A cast recording would be fantastic considering the songs are slightly different to its Broadway run from a few years ago now. An amazing cast!

What were your favourite shows at the theatre in 2017? 


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