7 Films that surprised me in 2017

The great thing about watching so many films is that every so often you will watch something that you are totally surprised with and really enjoyed it. Often when you were not expecting to like it at all! Somtimes these can really become hidden gems!

These are the films I watched at the cinema during 2017


Get Out (Review)
I wasn’t fully sure what to expect from this one when heading to the cinema to see it. The trailer didn’t really give a massive amount away and what you end up watching is something that will provoke many different thoughts about race and how people are accepted into communities, with plenty of strange twists and turns throughout.

Life (Review)
This might just be a film that is pretty much Alien but I throughly found myself enjoying it. I wasn’t really expecting anything from it at all but it certainly had me on the edge of my seat and wondering which way the next person was going to-day, some might have been a little bit obvious but that didn’t really matter at all considering the tension was built up in a fantastic way with a very good cast as well.

Lady Macbeth (Review)
This could easily have been one of those period dramas which turn out to be extremely boring and drag. But I didn’t feel that way with this one and I think it was due to the amazingly haunting performance from Florence Pugh as the young woman who was forced to marry.

Colossal (Review)
I found this film to easily be the most original that I watched during 2017 and it was so much fun at the same time. Even though at times you were actually confused a little bit in the end that didn’t matter as the interesting plot unfolded with Anne Hathaway taking on the leading role in a great way.

The Big Sick (Review)
This seemed to be marketed as a standard Rom-Com. It is far from that and I was totally loving what unfolded from the film. I had no idea that it was all based on a true story with the actual leading actor. I think that actually made me appreciate it even more that I didn’t know that before watching.

The Limehouse Golem (Review)
Obviously I go and watch anything with Bill Nighy in it and this was such a nice surprise, pretty graphic at times but that is something you would expect when the plot is all about trying to find a serial killer. It had a good amount of suspense and was impressive from start to finish. Nighy took over this film from the late Alan Rickman which I think made it even more special. A true hidden gem of 2017 for me!

Victoria & Abdul (Review)
I just felt that this film was lovely from start to finish, the performances were very engaging and it was an interesting part of history that I had no idea about before watching this one. Hence the lovely surprise and it making it onto this list. Judi Dench is outstanding as Victoria.

What films surprised you in 2017? 


13 thoughts on “7 Films that surprised me in 2017

  1. Get Out and The Big Sick were great (I’ve only seen those two). I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore is the one that surprised me the most though.


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