7 Films that disappointed me in 2017

Moving on from the top 10 best and worst list I also like putting together some films that have disappointed me during the past year. These are mainly the films that I was looking forward to or had a lot of hype around them and just well didn’t live up to it!

These are the films I watched at the cinema during 2017

Manchester By the Sea (Review)
I’m going to just come out and say it . . . This film is extremely boring, from start to finish and Affleck’s performance really isn’t anything special. I know none of that is what I am supposed to think and how we should be viewing this film, but honestly if I had not seen it in the cinema I would have turned it off!

Beauty and the Beast (Review)
The hype surrounding this live action Disney remake of such a beloved classic animated film was shoved down our throats constantly from the trailers and everything in the build up to the release. In hindsight I would have rather watched the animated film on the big screen again. It didn’t really offer anything new, the only part I did like was the song Evermore, Watson extremely miscast for me!

Atomic Blonde (Review)
Another film which had a lot of hype around it that failed to deliver anything new or even good. The confused plot made you want it to end a lot quicker than it actually did. Not really having Charlize Theron as an action star as it just did not work.

Logan Lucky (Review)
You may or may not know that I totally love Daniel Craig and thought he was utterly bonkers in this lacklustre film. Everything about it was just disappointing with its confused plot and those awful performances from Driver and Tatum turned this into a big disappointment for me.

Detroit (Review)
Apparently the performances in this are outstanding and the film was extremely powerful. Well, the performance I enjoyed wasn’t the one that was being hyped up before this one was released. I also felt that having before the credits that it wasn’t really based on facts, so the whole trauma we sat and watched could have all been just made up? I felt pretty cheated which lead to the disappointment.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Review)
Who didn’t enjoy the first Kingsman film? Exactly it was one of the top films that year which therefore meant a lot of pressure was on The Golden Circle and I could not help but be disappointed with the direction they went in for this film. Moving stateside and having their American brothers on-screen as well wasn’t the best.

The Mountain Between Us (Review)
Kate Winslet. Idris Elba. What more could we possibly want in a film about a plane wreck and the passengers end up in the snowy mountains having to rely on one another to survive the awful climate? As they both attempt to get to know the other a love occurs. But it just didn’t have enough going for it, hence the disappointment.

Which films left you feeling disappointed in 2017?

14 thoughts on “7 Films that disappointed me in 2017

  1. Nice picks, i enjoyed most of Detroit, but felt it went on for an extra 30 minutes. The biggest disappoint for me must be The Mummy, not just the quality of the film but the fact it ruined any Dark Universe plans

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  2. I loved Manchester by the Sea and enjoyed The Kingsman sequel but I’m with you on Atomic Blonde and Beauty and the Beast. They were such disappointments.

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  3. I put ‘Logan Lucky’ on my “Honorable Mention” list for Best Films, but in hindsight, I feel that’s giving it more credit than it deserves. That’s not to say I’d rather have it on the Worst Films list, but when I really think about it, it’s so unmemorable that I may have included it simply for filler. There’s nothing specifically “bad” about it, but when I finished watching it my reaction was, “Eh…it’s ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ with hicks. Wish somebody told me that before I watched it.”

    And WOW, I completely forgot how bafflingly underwhelming ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ was that I should have included it on my “Dishonorable Mentions”. I can’t remember the last film I watched before it that failed so frequently at the principle of Chekhov’s Gun — which IMHO is the pièce de résistance in basic storytelling.

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    • I can see what you mean about Logan Lucky, I just thought it was a let down and I was expecting more. I think just with build up around some films it makes it so tough.

      Kingsman I had high hopes for which is such a shame.


  4. So many of the 2016 award winners were “blah” to me – “Manchester”, “Moonlight” – and this year there wasn’t that much to get passionate about until the end…that said” The Shape Of Water” is amazing

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