Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) Review


The Bellas have left college and attempting to make it in the real world having a career but it just doesn’t feel the same for them not performing together after winning the World Championships. They manage to get one last gig together as they are placed on tour to entertain the troops.

I think the best thing about this film is that it is supposed to be the final Pitch Perfect film, let’s hope they stick to that as I feel they have well and truly run a course with these films now. This one had a very confused and off the wall plot from start to finish which seemed to get more ridiculous as it went on. The worst thing about that is that the actual singing parts were pretty decent, but not enough emphasis was placed on that as they become involved in a kidnap plot and a stupid breakout scene is added in.

The Army gig does end up coming with a form of competition as they have a chance to open up a show for DJ Khaled if he thinks they are the best group on the tour. We are then thrown in Gail and John who are apparently making a documentary, I could not help think every single time they were on-screen that Elizabeth Banks is just so much better than that character and this film!

Add in John Lithgow with a rubbish Australian accent as Fergus, Fat Amy’s estranged father who has just suddenly decided he wanted to find her. Quite possibly one of the worst attempts at a bad guy in a film this year? Such a shame as Lithgow is a truly fantastic comedy actor and very much wasted in this film. Continuing thinking about that story line is that I really don’t get the hype around Rebel Wilson at all and this film certainly becomes more of a Fat Amy spin-off at times.

I just felt like the film ended up confusing itself for what it actually wanted to be as it had about three different storylines that just didn’t quite fit together and some of the jokes you can get away with in a college based comedy just doesn’t work over and over again especially now they are all supposed to be working adults.

But as I mentioned earlier the singing was actually good especially when competing with the other bands and having the rift off, those are impressive and it is a shame that the film couldn’t have more of those instead of the truly stupid storyline. Obviously in the end each character gets exactly what they wanted and needed from the start, again not impressed with that at all. The bands though that was decent, just a shame that was near the start and then kinda forgotten about as the film tried to become more action than comedy and music! Which is actually something I guess the first film did very well, even though I have never been the biggest fan of the series that one does look brilliant compared to this churned out sequel.


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