Back to the Future Part II (1989) Review


After visiting 2015 and putting events into motion that change the past Marty must travel back to 1955 to keep everything the same in 1985!


One of the best things about this film is how 2015 was supposed to look as we now know it was nothing like they had hoped when making the film. Also scary that 2015 seemed so far in the future back in 1989 . . .  Although it was the 30 years from 1985, which is when this film was still set as it continues straight on from the first film. Something which I think should be done more often in a franchise. Back in 2015 I remember being very disappointed that I couldn’t attend the cinema for the triple screening.

The main thing that happens in this film is all to do with a book which has all of the results of sport events from over the years which Marty has and wants to use it to become rich something Doc does not agree with. But when Biff manages to find the book and head back to 1955 and becomes rich that changes everything for Marty in 1985. That means another Marty from the future must go back to 1955 and put everything right again for his own life.

It does get pretty confusing at times with all the time travelling going on considering that Doc’s original plan of heading to 2015 was to help out Marty’s own kids, which does not really work out well at all. But come on we get to see those amazing shoes that tie their own laces from Nike, something we are still waiting for, along with the hover board as well. If only!

This film does manage to capture the fun and excitement from the first one and it is great to have Marty and Doc back on screen together. A very unlikely friendship but it certainly does work! The fact that Marty must learn to walk away from a possible fight especially when someone calls him chicken is a big learning curve for him and does create some amusing moments.

I will admit though that when watching this I was really starting to get annoyed with Thomas F. Wilson’s acting as Biff/Griff all he does is shout and scream truly awful. I am sure they could have had it in a much better way, I think at times that gets a little too much and spoils parts of the film. Other than that though I think this is a great sequel and offers just as much as the first film. Don’t forget a very young Elijah Wood playing video games in 2015 as well!

Christopher Lloyd really is outstanding as Doc though and I think that is something that must be constantly mentioned over and over again. He deserves even more credit than he gets for his acting in this series! Michael J. Fox is very likeable as Marty McFly and that is something that you cannot help but enjoy from start to finish. Working ever so well together going Back To The Future.

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