Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Review


The Resistance preparing for battle with the First Order as they must fight for the galaxy. Rey in her quest to find Luke Skywalker wants to explore her newly discovered abilities with the Jedi Master.



It really does feel like it has been a long two-year wait for this since the Force Awakens and I just so happened to head to the cinema on the exact same date two years apart as well, thought it must have been fate that it ended up happening like that! Anyway what better way to mark the occasion than head to the cinema to see The Last Jedi. Something that I have been looking forward to, whilst also feeling super sad about Carrie Fisher all over again but a fitting tribute with her role on-screen.

We have between three and four different sub plots going on at the same time, all linking together with the battle between the Resistance and the First Order. I really did like the way it moved from scene to scene, in terms of one character wondering or asking about the others and it then moving across to that. I mean that might just be a very strange thing to mention about the film but it links together well, some films like this just jump from place to place.

Obviously the main thing everyone has been curious about is Rey and what she will be like with Luke. Those scenes take some getting into as Skywalker did not want to ever be found, hence putting himself somewhere he thought was well hidden in the universe. Will we get all of the answers we have wanted since Force Awakens? Obviously, you have to watch the film to find out.

I am really going to focus on the performances and who better to start with than Carrie Fisher back as Leia again and let’s face it she totally steals each and every scene she is in, loved the moments with Oscar Isaac’s Poe. A true standout performance had to come from Domhnall Gleeson who really does the evil bad guy part very well, I have become such a fan of his over the past few years so great to see him in this type of role (and slightly bigger than TFA). Isn’t it also great to have Mark Hamill back as Luke, actually getting to speak this time haha. Let’s face it that previous ending really did frustrate everyone, but this time he has a proper role. This will probably be a very unpopular statement but I actually found Rey rather annoying this time out, cannot really place exactly why but I hope I am not the only one who felt like this. John Boyega as Finn pretty much picks up where he left off and a very likeable character. I have a new favourite character in Rose who was just great in so many different ways.

I think following on from The Force Awakens and the filler we had last year with Rogue One, we are firmly in the Star Wars Universe again and this film was a very solid entry into that. The performances were good and the action to go along with it. It seems to be dividing fans and viewers but I think that is certainly a good thing! I really enjoyed it and you are pretty tense throughout waiting for everything to unfold.

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