7 Greatest Performances: Julia Roberts

Oscar Winner
Oscar winner for Erin Brockovich

You may or not be aware that Julia Roberts is my all time favourite actress (Sorry Meryl/Catherine Zeta Jones) so I thought I would start a new series of blog posts 7 Greatest Performances and who better to start with than Julia Roberts? This will be looking at the best performances from different actors rather than judging just the film. I thought this would create some very good and interesting lists, as the greatest performances are not necessarily in the best films. This comes on the back of seeing Wonder over the weekend which I thought she was just amazing in!

So here it goes my choices for Julia Roberts 7 Greatest Performances!

August: Osage County

I have decided to start with this one in August: Osage County as I believe this is her best ever performance. As Barbara who is dealing with a divorce and then the death of her father having to reconnect with her pill popping mother Violet. Which she’s Julia go up against Meryl Streep in that role, they both bring out fantastic performances in one another, come on eat the fish bitch! What a truly incredible moment that was, I will always standby that neither actress received enough credit for this film especially Julia, so many emotions used throughout, also battling with her teenage daughter.


This is a difficult film to watch in all honesty because it feels too real, people hurt each other even if they love them and it is pretty graphic with its descriptions of sex, even though it does not actually have a full on sex scene. Two couples who seem to be drawn to one another, Julia shows another side to her acting with this one and it takes her well away from the romantic comedy genre entering into the drama side.

Erin Brockovich

Her Oscar Winning performance as Erin Brockovich more than deserves a place on this list, she’s outstanding playing the role based on real life events and the single mother who battled with a company who had known made many families very well. Working incredibly with Albert Finney she creates a memorable performance as a woman who never gives up in her fight for what’s right.

Eat, Pray, Love

I probably like this film a lot more than others but I feel as though the journey is such a good one that you hope if you reached that type of melt down you could face it with the same determination as Liz Gilbert does. When she suddenly realises that she does not want to be married anymore, has a much younger boyfriend she then needs to travel. Plus she loves pizza! Ok that last part was just a small joke but that is a very good scene. I feel as though with this one she gets to explore different boundaries and brings to life a feel real and relatable character.

Steel Magnolias

Surely this was her big breakthrough role being in a film with Sally Field and Dolly Parton so early in her career, taking on the role of Shelby who is a diabetic and wants nothing more to have a great life and family. It centres around her wedding to begin with, but the having a baby part was going to be rather tricky. This does cause problems and this film has to be a big tearjerker but as the tag line says funniest movie to ever make you cry. A truly outstanding performance from a very young Julia!


Another tearjerker of a film and this time Julia is Isabel the woman becoming a stepmother which is made even more complicated with Jackie dying from cancer. The two women battle as Isabel tries her very best but they see each other a competition to begin with but when they realise that they can both help and love the children whilst doing the same for each other it takes a different turn. Brilliant work with Susan Sarandon.

Pretty Woman

In all honesty I wasn’t even sure if this was going to make my list, but her star-making role as Vivian just got on. I think this is a difficult one due to the fact that I have seen it so many times and probably forget how good she really is as the prostitute who finds her Prince in the form of Richard Gere. Big mistake, big, huge. That is a pretty legendary film moment now and it just shows that anyone can change their life right? Well, we like to believe that anyway! I will say that this performance certainly made us all want the fairytale as well.

What do you think are Julia Roberts Greatest Performances?


20 thoughts on “7 Greatest Performances: Julia Roberts

  1. I haven’t seen Eat, Pray, Love in years but I enjoyed it way more than the book (which I bought after seeing the movie). I haven’t seen all the movies she has made nor all those you picked, but I guess I’d go with Erin Brockovich and August: Osage County. I think those are her best performances ever. I can’t wait to see Wonder by the way.

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    • I am sure you will just love Wonder! I bought the book after seeing the film as well and couldn’t get into it at all which I thought was a shame as really enjoyed the film!


    • So glad that you like and agree with my list. I think Closer was so ahead of its time in terms of when the play was from and the whole chat room thing on a computer. I hope you give it another chance, even though it is a tough watch.

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