A Christmas Prince (2017) Review

A Christmas Prince

Amber a reporter from New York must travel to find out the gossip on Prince Richard who has been perceived to be a playboy and she must see if he takes on the crown. Somehow managing to pose as the Princesses tutor everything will change for her.


I had actually read an article about this film a couple of days ago, that people cannot believe this film actually exists. Now that I have now watched the film I am also wondering that as well considering it is some strange Christmas time version of The Prince and Me with hints of The Princess Diaries.

I think you will struggle to find a cheesier film than this one doing the rounds this Christmas season with Netflix totally rivalling Hallmark in terms of a Christmas film that people will watch and it is filled with so many clichés from start to finish. Obviously that makes it a very easy watch, probably because it feels like you have already seen a slightly different version of the film in the past. As you may have noticed though I seem to get sucked into watching a couple of films like this every year. Why? I hear you ask, well they are very easy to watch and you don’t have to be paying full attention.

I cannot really think about anything positive to say about any of it either to be brutally honest, the performances are as cringeworthy as the story line and I think that increases that level to very high as well. Actually we get a nice couple of shots of New York at the very start, there you go I did manage to say at least one positive thing about this clichéd festive mess.

It is rather amusing that this actually made it onto many website and different articles because so many people have watched it on Netflix already, that was in the UK I am not fully sure about other places around the world. I guess with that kind of coverage it therefore has the potential to have a rather cult following. In a very strange way it could actually make it one of those so bad its good types.

You can guess exactly what is going to happen next, I actually wanted it to have him as an actual bad boy but when you find out the real reasons he keeps missing the royal engagements you will really want to actually laugh out loud and that pretty much sets the tone for this being extremely needy and well downright crazy “romantic” I don’t think it could be anymore forced. We all know people do not fall in love instantly and at first sight , etc. That does seem to work in film though, I am very interested to see how this film goes in all honesty as it could be seen as a comedy at times . . . I guess. Has anyone else subjected themselves to watching this one yet? Netflix had it on as an advert when I signed in!

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