Space Jam (1996) Review


The Looney Tunes must battle for their freedom by playing a Basketball game and Bugs Bunny enlists the help of retired Basketball star and now Baseball player Michael Jordan.


Back in the 90s this was one of my favourite films to watch as a kid and watching it now certainly brings back some of that nostalgia which is certainly a great thing when watching a film. It also makes it rather difficult to then form a new opinion on it. I have probably watched it hundreds of times over the years and that is something that I just love! It is harmless fun mixing Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan together, just showing that he really was such a huge star all around the world, baring in mind here in the UK we don’t really embrace Basketball very much at all.

I therefore cannot bring myself to say anything bad about this film, come on we have an evil alien voiced by Danny DeVito who wants the Looney Tunes as attractions on Space Mountain and that is where the basketball game comes from. Add in Bill Murray for a couple of appearances throughout the film and you are certainly onto a winner in my opinion. I think when you compare this to similar films released now this is on another level. It manages to mix the comedy for adults and children very well, some of the jokes now are rather different to what they were years ago.

But how did those small aliens become absolute monsters in order to play in the Basketball game? Well, they obviously stole the talent from NBA players! Michael Jordan who had moved unsuccessfully across to Baseball therefore was missed. Don’t forget this is also the film that we got the amazing “I Believe I Can Fly’ song from R.Kelly!

I really hope others still like this film as well, it really is harmless fun and it was a perfect watch on a Sunday evening, taking your mind away from those Monday blues, that is when I found myself watching it as it was available to watch instantly from On Demand on Sky Cinema. So if you are in the UK you really have no excuse about watching this one again! I guess with the mix of animation and basketball setting it hasn’t aged badly at all.

Michael Jordan gives a very strong performance as well, especially when you consider that he does the majority of his acting with cartoons so it would have been just him all alone, something that is rather amusing to think about! But would have created a very difficult task for the sports superstar! I mean come on his brand is still going strong now with Nike and the Air Jordan’s still being sold and re-released to this day now if that isn’t another reason to watch this film, surely most people have kids now themselves who should be educated with 90s films and watch this one? Ok, I think I have gushed about this film enough when deep down I know it isn’t the greatest but I for one still enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Space Jam (1996) Review

  1. We all have those movies we love no matter what. It’s cool this is one of yours. I can feel the love in this review because this is the first time I’ve ever heard MJ’s performance being referred to as good, lol.


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