A Song for Christmas / Christmas Solo (2017) Review


Two single parents end up finding each other just before Christmas but everything isn’t happily ever after when they find out about the rivalry between their daughters at school, which gets well and truly out of hand.


I caught this film on Sky Cinema as it was available On Demand, the issue was then actually finding it online as another film with the name ‘A Song for Christmas’ has also been released in 2017. I eventually managed to find it on IMDb under the name Christmas Solo, but as you can see the poster has A Song for Christmas (which was the name on Sky Cinema too). I therefore have no idea which is the most recent name for the film. Although this is probably more interesting and entertaining than the film turned out to be.

Two single parents who just happen to meet one another is a pretty nice story, throw in two teenagers at high school one of them very nasty and cannot cope when the other is given her solo song and oh yeah all of this is happening at Christmas. I actually lost count the number of times one of the characters said “I don’t want to lose Christmas” which actually got very annoying.

Melissa was not a nice character at all, blaming her father for her mother leaving and that she couldn’t spend Christmas with her. So because she was not happy she could spread vicious and nasty rumours about Charlotte who was new in town and struggling to deal with the death of her father. Yet the frustrating thing about the film on the whole was that all of that behaviour is fine in the build up to Christmas, because the total fake niceness of the season means all will be forgiven.

The performances weren’t fantastic either just to add to everything and while it keeps going on about a Christmas song and doing the song, we actually don’t have that much singing throughout the film. Maybe, just maybe that could have made it a hell of a lot better? I am not really sure in all honesty. It seemed as though they weren’t really sure which of the two events to follow and then it just ended up being a slight mess. I just felt that something that built up a song should have had a lot more music in it, would have made it better in my opinion.

For some reason though when it comes towards Christmas I cannot help myself watching these random made for TV Christmas films that appear on all different channels as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime now as well. Occasionally a nice one does pop up every now and then, they are pretty easy to watch so I guess this was a perfect one for a Sunday afternoon. Would I recommend that you watch it? No, not really unless this is your type of thing of course. I am sure these must have a pretty big audience considering so many of them are constantly made.

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