Justice League (2017) Review


Bruce Wayne with his new alliance with Diana Prince look to find others to join a team to help fight against the evil now descending on Earth after the death of Superman.


Following on from the fantastic Wonder Woman film this is the next part to the DC universe and we are thrown three new heroes into the mix to become Justice League. Before I get more into the review I will say that I had hoped for the individual character films first as I think having more of a back story and previous film really does built it up better when entering into a film like this one.

This then leaves Justice League as mainly build up to get the team together, Bruce and Diana working to try to get Barry and Victor on board, after Arthur aka Aquaman had already turned them down. But obviously we know that won’t be for very long. Following Superman’s death many different things have attacked the Earth and the most evil will be left until last really when Steppenwolf wants to claim all three boxes which will allow him to destroy the world.

We get a couple of decent battle scenes but it is mainly putting the team together, I don’t really think much happened at all in the first twenty minutes in all honesty. I thought it was pretty fun though, especially after what we have had so far from DC. The worst thing is though is that expectations were made higher by how good Wonder Woman was but this just didn’t hit the same level. She is obviously the best character in this one though by far! I am still not having Affleck as Batman not for me at all.

Ezra Miller was a very interesting Barry Allen/Flash attempting to add in the comedy value which sometimes worked and sometimes just well didn’t. I think it was one of those trying too hard issues of really pushing the comedy again, we have had that from DC before. I wasn’t really too impressed with the graphics for The Flash either (I have recently been watching the TV series and thought everything was done better in that to be brutally honest).

Something I am looking forward to is more Aquaman, he is a very interesting character and I cannot wait for his solo outing, fantastic performance from Jason Momoa who is my man of the moment in all honesty. He was engaging and I am hoping for a film on level with Wonder Woman when we see him again next year.

I would probably say that this film is just average really, nothing spectacular but not really bad. I feel we are at the point where DC just seem to get slammed by the critics. So give it a chance as it does have some decent character development for the newbies in this film. Will be interesting to see the next steps, especially with Aquaman who could become my favourite in the DC universe.

22 thoughts on “Justice League (2017) Review

    • I dunno what it is about him just can’t get him as Batman.

      I honestly didn’t think it was that bad, I wasn’t expecting anything from it either tbh. Maybe that is why!


  1. DC is getting incredibly bad press because Marvel has managed to find a balance in their films that includes action, drama and fun…Zack Snyder went very dark in “Watchman” and never came back, and no matter how many people they send in to fix this, they can’t brighten a dreary tone and somber mood…what a waste of great action characters

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      • I blame Christoper Nolan to a degree – the last “Batman” movie was so dreary and somber, and because the trilogy was such a big success, DC decided that was the tone going forward – but Marvel learned to keep a light touch as well – otherwise the effects mean nothing and the characters are bland!

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        • Yeah as great as those films are I often forget they are actually superhero films.

          DC should have just come up with a different way to do it instead of following that or attempting to copy Marvel.


  2. I love Ezra Miller but I realize he can be hit or miss.
    In the trailer for Justice League, it looks like nothing ever happens in the daytime. True for the film in general? I’m mightily tired of night time action sequences, to be honest.

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  3. I haven’t read a review that’s been more than, ‘not awful and there are few good bits.’ … I think ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Thor:Ragnarok’ have reset the superhero genre bar back up where it needs to be and JL missed.

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    • Yeah totally, I was trying not to compare it to those two films as I really did love them. I went into this one not expecting very much at all so maybe that is the best approach with this one!

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  4. I enjoyed it on the whole, but it’s also the product of “too many cooks” — after Batman v Superman didn’t do as well as hoped, they’ve clearly tried to copy Marvel (adding more humour) and it hasn’t completely worked. Shame they didn’t have confidence to stick with their own style, at least for one more film.

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  5. As both a Marvel and Dc fan, this film exceed all of expectations. Such a great hype and action packed film. I loved every single character and how well they developed together. I would see this movie 10 more times!! The only flaws I saw with the movie was some CGI but hey. Not every movie is perfect, the visuals were amazing and was just a epic movie to sit and watch and bring to life finally.

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