Amazon: Lord of the Rings Series!


That is right it has been confirmed that Amazon have bought the rights to Lord of the Rings to create a truly epic TV Series, they want to attempt to rival Game of Thrones and the success that has had in a similar type of set up.

The deal is said to be close to $250 million just to secure the global TV rights, so if they are willing to spend that much just on the rights just imagine what they are going to do with it!

I have mentioned quite a few times over the years just how much Lord of the Rings had an impact on my love for film. Well Fellowship of the Ring pretty much started it and I was truly hooked and obsessed from then on, not that I didn’t love film, the cinema and everything before that but this really kickstarted wanting to watch and know more.

Most of the information around the series are just rumours at the moment with the story being set before the start of Fellowship but everyone is currently unsure where it will place after The Hobbit and if Bilbo will already have the ring or not.

I am all for more Middle Earth and different set ups for it, even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Hobbit trilogy it just didn’t have the same impact as Lord of the Rings film trilogy. But this new series does make me very excited, even though we will have to wait many years for it to even start. I will obviously be following all of this very closely so you can expect many more blog posts about the development of the project and when they start casting etc.

Who else is excited to head back to Middle Earth all over again?

14 thoughts on “Amazon: Lord of the Rings Series!

  1. I of course will watch and hope that its great. But it does baffle me that they are willing to spend so much money on it. I wonder if people will actually be interested, or if they will just say “I already know the story” and pass, especially if it means they have to buy a streaming subscription. LOTR fans of course will, but Im talking about regular tv viewers. And even among the hardcore fans, there will be a split since there will be a group against the idea entirely.

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    • Yeah, I know what you mean! They must really think it is going to be more than worth it just to pay that for the rights to make it. I wonder what the budget will actually be for the show and casting!


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