Paddington 2 (2017) Review


Paddington is very happy with his life with the Brown family and very settled in London. Constantly thinking about his Aunt Lucy and how he can make her 100th birthday extra special, all leads to a pop up book of London. The only problem is that book has a hidden meaning and he’s not the only one who wants it.


I have been looking forward to this film for a while now as I found the first instalment to be a total hidden gem, I wasn’t really impressed with going  to see it but totally loved it. Therefore the good hype surrounding this one had it built up pretty high, the great thing is though that it totally lived up to all that hype and this film really does have a lot going for it.

As Paddington has settled into London when he spots a pop up book of London in Gruber’s shop he decides to get a job to make some money to be able to buy it for his beloved Aunt Lucy who is about to turn 100 years old. But that is about to be put to a stop when the book is stolen by Phoenix Buchanan an actor struggling for money with a hidden agenda, framing Paddington in the process. As the kids are getting older that brings with it a little bit more of a challenge for Paddington trying to understand the different transitions they have in life.

The innocence of Paddington and seeing the good in people all of the time, even when he ends up in prison and manages to change everything and the criminals who he will call friends, with the help of his trusted marmalade. While Paddington is in prison the Brown family must work hard to work out who really stole the pop up book and get evidence to clear Paddington’s name.

This is one charming film from start to finish and it has a truly unreal and incredible performance from Hugh Grant. Honestly you have never seen him like this before, as the former actor trying to keep hold of his glory, he really does have some amazing scenes on his own talking in many different accents with his costumes. Seriously even if you don’t want to see this film you actually should to witness this performance I was so surprised by it what a great bad guy Hugh is! Also you must make sure you stay during the credits for a hilarious scene from him as well, never ever thought I would see him like that at all. Fantastic!

Also add Brendan Gleeson to the cast as the chef/convict that becomes Paddington’s protector in the prison to the already strong grouping of Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins and Julie Walters we really do have such a talented cast. Watch out for many highly regarded British talent in the street as well. I am very happy that this film does not disappoint and so pleased with the positive buzz surrounding it, which it more than deserves. This type of film is rather difficult to get right, having a mixture of a good story, performances, and more importantly a good heart. Tugging at your heartstrings at times is certainly an added bonus, managing to make you feel emotional. Oh did I mention Hugh Grant is incredible in this? I really do think you should see this one as it certainly has so much charm, Ben Whishaw has a great voice and really is fantastic as Paddington.


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