Des O’Connor and Jimmy Tarbuck (Newcastle) Review


Venue: Theatre Royal, Newcastle

Date: Sunday 5th November 2017

This was a rather special event at the Theatre as two absolute legends of the screen and stage appeared together for a very special night. After performing together for the first time in 2015 at the London Palladium since then Des O’Connor and Jimmy Tarbuck have been touring around the UK treating different audiences across the country to this special tribute to the pair as they talk and look back on the incredible career’s they have had in show business, the last of an incredible generation.


The show was split into two halves but to begin with the pair both appear on stage and introduce one another, as well as sharing some jokes if they can remember the right order of course. I will admit that I was a little bit shocked when I first saw Des O’Connor on the stage as he has started to look very frail and shaky, but remembering that he is now 85 years old and still has a sparkle in his eye singing on entrance.


Jimmy takes the first half of the show and breezes through a stand up comedy routine still proving to get the whole audience laughing out loud. Talking about friends he had in the past and some very well known names, which I think is a lovely tribute to some very famous people from days gone by. Linking many of his jokes to the North East and saying how much he enjoys being in the North East in Newcastle, which obviously always goes down very well with a home crowd. His timing was still spot on with the jokes and it really was brilliant to watch a comedian who did not have to rely on swearing and just having some extremely funny jokes/stories!


The second half of the show after the interval was the turn of Des O’Connor to come on stage and reminisce about his time in television, music and theatre. Starting with some video clips from Morecambe and Wise which was as brilliant as ever to watch. So the combination of questions from the pianist and video clips, Des took everyone on a journey through his action packed career. Singing a couple of songs as well, including Sweet Caroline so I can claim to have been serenaded by Des O’Connor as well now haha! He welcomed his wife on stage who has a truly incredible voice singing ‘I Will Always Love You’. Everything about this part was emotional as Des who has been an icon for so many decades. I remember watching different shows especially Des and Mel in more recent years and seeing what a fantastic entertainer he has been. I really enjoyed the way this part was put together. Very emotional from start to finish.

As a total bonus I was checking Twitter and came across two amazing photos on Des O’Connor’s feed and I have made it in them! Check out the front row! Absolutely fantastic!

Spot me!

Such a lovely evening spent at the Theatre Royal with two absolute show business legends!

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