Cineworld Secret Screening 6 – Possible Films

Exciting news today as Cineworld have announced that another Secret Screening will be taking place, it has been a rather long time since the last one! So they are just squeezing in for 2017.


Screening Type: 2D, Unlimited Preview
Date/time: Wednesday, 29 November 2017 at 20:15
Runtime: 90 mins
Rating: TBC

This is the information we have been given so far and when booking your tickets. I do love that this time they have put this warning on “And to all those who are getting their hopes up that it might be an early screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we’re sad to say that it definitely is NOT but we promise it’s going to be a great one!”. Which was because it caused a huge kick off when it wasn’t Star Wars back in 2015.

Let’s take a look at possible films it could be . . .

This was a pretty tough one with the running time being stated as 90 minutes as I couldn’t find any films that were that exact time, although running times seem to vary on different websites anyway. So I just had a look at picked the closest ones to that time.

Wonder (Release Date: 1st Dec) – Running Time 100 mins

The Disaster Artist (Release Date: 1st Dec) – Running Time 104 mins

The Man Who Invented Christmas (Release Date: 1st Dec) – Running Time 104 mins

Brigsby Bear (Release Date: 8th Dec) – Running Time 94 mins

Better Watch Out (Release Date: 8th Dec) – Running Time 89 mins

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Release Date: 20th Dec) – Running Time – ??

The Commuter (Release Date: 19th Jan 2018) – Running Time 100 mins

From past experience the film tends to be an action type . . .I would personally love it to be Wonder with being a huge Julia Roberts fan, but I am going to go with Better Watch Out as my choice, mainly because it is the closest to the running time.

Are you going to the secret screening?

What film do you think it will be? 



16 thoughts on “Cineworld Secret Screening 6 – Possible Films

  1. If it is like Odeon Unseen, they usually don’t do horror unless it is the ‘Scream’ addition. but just for fun i will make a couple of long shots of either ‘Stronger’ or ‘The Shape of Water’

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    • I did look to put Stronger in the list but that has a running time of 2 hours which put me off. The same with The Shape of Water as well, thats 2 hours.

      I know what you mean though I don’t imagine a horror either as they haven’t done that before.

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  2. I think it might well be Jumanji. I’m not entirely sure why I get so excited to book it, as it’s not worked out for me so far: Heart of the Sea was a yawnfest, I wasn’t in the mood to appreciate Triple Nine, and then there was the, “Anything but the monkeys, please – anything but the monkeys – oh. Monkeys it is.” LOL!

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    • Oh yeah I think that was the most obvious one before it. Walter Mitty was pretty bad as well, but I still love going to have a preview of a film haha


    • Yeah it seems really strange that they have announced the rating so late, as that’s something it already has on along with a longer running time. Any under 15s with cards who had booked won’t be happy!


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