Stranger Things (Season 2) Review


The build up for Stranger Things 2 has been pretty impressive over the last few weeks and even months, quite possibly the biggest Netflix series yet? I would certainly say so the build up on social media has been very fierce. Something I am very thankful of towards Netflix for this series has to be that you can binge watch it very easily, which is what I have done and on a more extreme level than season one!

Its Halloween and coming up to the year anniversary since Will disappeared, which has meant that he has been struggling with his “episodes” that is what they call when he seems to black out. But in these episodes he sees and still feels everything that is going on around him, something that does not help him trying to be a normal kid and spending time with his friends. But a monster and more strange things are lurking . . .

Everyone has pretty much been trying to plod on since the crazy events of the previous year. Mike spends a lot of time wondering if Eleven is actually still alive or not. We have plenty of different sub stories going on this season and this means that some episodes you lose focus on some characters while it focuses on something else, which I thought was a pretty good way to do it in all honesty. As it meant that it didn’t have constant changes from one thing to the other every few minutes, everything is spaced out in a very good and powerful way.

I will admit though that I felt that it took some getting going compared to season 1, I felt that it was pretty tame as well up until about episode 5/6 when everything started moving much faster and in interesting directions. Obviously I am not going to spoil anything for people who are going to be watching this soon. But with nine episodes it is very much worth it, the performances are again very impressive and it does have some very interesting concepts going on. Some answers from season one and somethings are still left very on edge and ready for more? I would certainly think so!

We are given some new characters with the brilliant Sean Astin joining the cast as Bob and I was taken in with the character straight away. You could not help but feel sorry for him from start to finish as he really did try his very best constantly. We also get Max and Billy both are very difficult to work out and in a very strange situation, brother and sister? I feel as though that is a family situation that we really need to know more about as we are only given a tiny little bit and feels as though just brushing the surface. I thought Steve had much better character development this season and comes across much better especially with the friendship with Dustin, the hair thing just brilliant!

The soundtrack is just incredible to go along with different episodes, being a huge Bon Jovi fan the use of Runaway was just so perfect it was unreal! I am sure when you watch you will totally understand what I mean about that part. Not forgetting many other incredible 80s songs that are mixed so well into the different episodes.

I am sure that a lot of people will do like myself and totally binge watch this in a day or two, I was pretty lucky to be off work when it premiered so managed to watch most of it in the first day. The thing is though that it is perfectly easy to continue watching and the cliffhangers at the end of each episode is something that will make you just allow Netflix to play the next episode. I think we can see the characters growing up and that will certainly be something I am sure they will explore for as long as the show runs for!


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