Stage Door: Young Frankenstein Cast (London)

As you are well aware I totally love Young Frankenstein the Musical and the incredible cast that go with the show! I therefore could not resist when seeing the show for the 4th time and 1st time in London to go to the stage door after the show.

Signed Programme

The Garrick Theatre is very small and therefore the stage door is right next to the entrance/exit of the theatre and not hidden around the side or back like most other theatres.

Nathan Elwick
Ross Noble
Shuler Hensley
Hadley Fraser

They really are such a fantastic cast and lovely people to talk to at the stage door after the show! I am hoping that I will back again at some point to see the show for the fifth time! (Review of the West End show to follow).

3 thoughts on “Stage Door: Young Frankenstein Cast (London)

    • Oh it sure is! They are just lovely, some kinda snuck out but I think sometimes people aren’t entirely sure who’s who when they aren’t in costume haha. I’m pretty shy so don’t like to be the first one!

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  1. […] October would see my final London trip of the year and I actually didn’t have any tickets booked before going, attempting to get day seats for both shows. I was supporting a very local show as the first one this month with Geordie the Musical which had moved to another venue after seeing it at the Customs House a couple of years ago now, read the full review here. Then another show that I had never actually seen on stage before Mamma Mia as I didn’t really think I would be a huge fan of it even though I like the film as a guilty pleasure, read the full review here. Another new show and play Shirley Valentine which saw a truly fantastic performance from Jodie Prenger in this one woman show, read the full review here. My day seat challenge then happened in London as I went to see Aladdin the Musical which has always been one of my favourite Disney films and it really is a magical theatre experience, read the full review here. Obviously I had to go and see Young Frankenstein the Musical again since it settled in the West End and it see if they had changed anything since the previews in Newcastle, read the full review here and stage door with the cast. […]


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