The Time of Their Lives (2017) Review


Helen a former Hollywood star enlists the help of new-found friend Priscilla to get to her ex-lovers funeral in France. The road trip doesn’t exactly go to plan and they create plenty of chaos along the way!


Helen manages to escape from the London retirement home she has felt trapped and stuck in when meeting Priscilla who just happens to recognise her and was a very big fan. The pair quickly work together to get to France each searching for something and trying to escape from the horrible lives they have ended up in. Priscilla has been stuck in a bad marriage since she can remember and really ends up having the time of her life when admitting that hasn’t been what she wanted for a very long time! Helen still thinks she is a star and living well and truly in the past, will she be able to repair damage caused from years ago before it is too late? They have limited resources to navigate around France which certainly creates some very amusing moments! Especially when they meet Alberto, a millionaire.

When watching this film I could understand why it didn’t last very long at the cinema as it has a very limited viewing audience, which I would certainly say women over a certain age . . . I wouldn’t really like to say a specific age but pretty much the target audience don’t really head to the cinema very often in all honesty. Are Joan Collins and Pauline Collins big enough pulls to get people to watch still? Possibly, they are both fantastic from start to finish in this film working very well with each other and bouncing off each other for the comedy moments. Something which I was pretty impressed with, along with the thought that it is never too late no matter your age to change your life and do what you want to do. That is reassuring in terms of thinking that you never have to feel stuck or trapped in any situation.

If I had to place this film for a great time to watch it would have to be on a Sunday afternoon when you just fancy watching something that is well nice. That is the best way to describe this film, nice. It isn’t groundbreaking but has some lovely moments as well as funny moments which overall just makes it a nice film. Giving older actresses the chance to lead in a film is always something that you have to enjoy as well, something that doesn’t tend to happen to often. But come on the men get plenty of chances to do it, plus this is a British film and I do like to watch as many of them as possible, I think the humour just works so well compared to the offerings we get from Hollywood these days, yes I do realise that makes me sound extremely old but as you know I really struggle to find comedy films that are actually funny!

3 thoughts on “The Time of Their Lives (2017) Review

  1. The entertainment business has changed, and most films that hit your local cinema are superhero, horror or aimed at teens. However, with so many streaming services around the world, more stories are being told, just showing up in unique places…I will look for this on Netflix or Amazon here in the US – seems like a nice film with some classic people who deserve to be seen!

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