Brewster’s Millions (1985) Review


Montgomery Brewster is a minor league Baseball player when one day he finds out a recently deceased relative with extremely rich. In order to get his $330 million inheritance he must spend $30 million in the next 30 days without having anything to show for it, being taught a lesson about the real value of having money.


This film is totally crazy I am not going to tell you any other wise throughout this review, I mean the plot is just nuts. Having to spend that much money but not being allowed to invest in property or any other objects. He can use it to hire people though and does his very best to try to spend as much as possible. The only issue is that some people are more than working against him to try and make sure he fails in the challenge.

Richard Pryor is impressive in the leading role and is larger than life enough to carry some of the moments off. John Candy is in as his best friend but he drifts out a little bit towards the end. The pair doesn’t have the best of days getting kicked off the baseball team they pretty much live for and then end up with so much money!

It can be nothing but crazy when trying to spend that much money in such a short amount of time, oh and I forgot to mention that he was not allowed to tell anyone about the bigger picture and why he was just blowing it all and spending each and every cent. Monty begins to have an interest in accountant Angela as well but not too much is placed on that to begin with and it builds up slowly. It creates some very interesting moral decisions and issues, wondering how you would be able to do it without making anymore money back as well.

It is by no means a fantastic comedy or film though as it doesn’t really have enough substance from start to finish. It has an interesting idea but nothing to really follow through with, which I guess is a bit of a shame considering the cast is pretty good. I guess it just falls into a typical 80s comedy with everything you expect to be in it. As long as you don’t really expect anything from this one you might just enjoy it a little bit more as it certainly isn’t groundbreaking by any means.

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