Mamma Mia! (UK Tour) Review


Sophie Sheridan – Lucy May Barker
Ali – Fia Houston-Hamilton
Lisa – Blaise Colangelo
Tanya – Emma Clifford
Rosie – Gillian Hardie
Donna Sheridan – Helen Hobson
Sky – Phillip Ryan
Pepper – Morgan Jackson
Eddie – Brad Veitch
Harry Bright – Jamie Hogarth
Sam Carmichael – Peter Saul Blewden
Bill Austin – Chris Hollis
Father Alexander – Ian Gareth Jones

Venue: Sunderland Empire

Date: Wednesday 18th October 2017

Mamma Mia! the Musical has been such a massive hit for many years now and I went to see it for the very first time this week. The show is having a four-week stint at the Sunderland Empire and the tickets have sold very well. I think the success of the film in 2009 made the show even more popular, and I have now found out that the film was very true and close to the stage show.

The story sees Sophie getting married to Sky but using it as a time to get in touch with her father. Someone her mother Donna has always kept from her, but when she finds her diary she works out that three possible men could be her father. Sam, Harry or Bill and she comes up with the idea of inviting them all to the wedding to find out who is her true father. The problem with that plan is that none of them have seen Donna for 21 years.


While all of this craziness in the build up to the wedding is going on we are given plenty of Abba songs arranged in such a way to compliment the story and moments. Each is put into the different moments which will make you laugh and warm your heart at times whilst tugging at the heartstrings as well. Giving you plenty to enjoy from start to finish, not forgetting the incredible cast and dance numbers all put together for the musical numbers. Not forgetting the very colourful costumes as well as the show goes on.

Very impressive to see the dance routines and big ensemble with the leading cast appearing on stage at different times during the show. Some moments are truly hilarious though and that was something that I really enjoyed, its nice to have a show make you smile! I found Gillian Hardie to be the best at making you laugh throughout the show as Rosie and that was something great when watching, she really was outstanding! This makes for an incredible rendition of ‘Take a Chance on Me’ which was brilliant with Chris Hollis joining Hardie.

Along with that though I must mention ‘Does Your Mother Know’ as that was always my favourite part of the film. It is done in a fantastic way on stage as well, very impressive moment and certainly keeps everything moving along at a great pace!

Take a Chance on Me

Helen Hobson and Lucy May Barker worked very well together as the mother and daughter duo and I thought they lead the show in a very strong manner with both acting and singing performances. I think the show really does flow very well and quickly from start to finish and the catchy songs certainly add to this, the audience reactions were very positive. You can understand why it has been so popular for so many years now as it is a feel good Theatre experience with songs everyone already knows.

Donna and the Dynamos

Be a super trouper and take a chance on Mamma Mia because the winner takes it all!

Mamma Mia is staying at the Sunderland Empire for a month with six more dates as part of this UK tour going on until March 2018 – Check out the dates here.



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  1. U know LUCY May Barker she’s was in Oklahoma and spring awakening. Also one of the first child Annie’s in the West End

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