Harvey Weinstein: Hollywood’s Most Powerful Man becomes Hollywood’s Biggest Problem!

It has been breaking news for almost two weeks now and I eventually thought it was time to mention it in a blog post. As a film lover when it reaches a certain time of year, Awards time that is especially the Oscars you cannot get away from the Harvey Weinstein name and The Weinstein Company. They really push films towards Oscars and  put the campaigns together so well. That is all going to change this year when the news broke about Harvey Weinstein being accused of sexual assault and then many more horrible things.


 So the dark side of Hollywood has now been revealed to the general public and has been a constant on the news programmes and all over the papers. Obviously a constant on social media as well. Pretty much everything has blown up and Weinstein has now lost everything. He has since been kicked out of the Academy, which I guess doesn’t make a massive amount of sense when you still have some men who have been found guilty of different charges; Roman Polanski and then the whole Woody Allen issues.

Don’t get be wrong there is no denying that Weinstein is a truly awful excuse of a man abusing and using his power to get to women. The issue is now though that so many actresses are coming out and saying “he said this to me once” so has everything been blown out of proportion in terms of some just now jumping amongst it all and pretty much everything Weinstein has ever said to anyone is now an issue? Loads of big names telling stories, some have had absolutely nothing in them at all which just makes no sense at all to be completely honest.

That might seem a strange approach but surely not everything he has ever said has been seedy, he has launched a lot of careers and been part of so many successful films. His actions in hotel rooms do not sound fantastic, but is going to a hotel room with someone a little bit strange in the first place? Especially if so many rumours had been going around Hollywood? I am a little bit dubious of some of the stories now as it seems every morning on Good Morning Britain they have a woman claiming that they had a 5 second conversation with him once about 15 years ago. . . I mean come on! Surely all of the serious charges should have been dealt with where he will get charged? Does everything in the press and public domain not make the case against him weaker?

I dread to think though how many people have actually covered for Weinstein though as when you read some of the stories people were in the room and then left. How could you even do that? I mean Bob Weinstein’s statements have to be the worst, I didn’t know he was that type of predator. Come on Bob, no one believes that you didn’t know what a monster your brother was!

This is bound to have a knock on effect to many men being revealed as monsters and abusing power, Amazon’s boss has left his role due to allegations and I am sure we are going to see many more things happening over the next few weeks and even months. This is all far from over.

What is actually going to happen to Harvey Weinstein though as he has done the American thing when something goes wrong and checked into rehab!

Pretty horrific really that everyone in Hollywood knew about it though and just let it happen. No one was willing to speak out until now, the thing with a scandal which is as big as this more than one person is guilty! A horrible situation and hopefully something will be done against this bully of a man.

5 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein: Hollywood’s Most Powerful Man becomes Hollywood’s Biggest Problem!

  1. I interacted with him for years – NEVER heard any of these allegations, only that he was a bully, was brash and obnoxious, and was very very difficult to work with – this culture is pervasive in Hollywood and has been for decades – Actress Tippi Hedren, mother of Melanie Griffith, says that Director Alfred Hitchcock throated to blackball her in the 60’s! – https://johnrieber.com/2017/10/14/tippi-hedren-her-reaction-to-the-harvey-weinstein-scandal-her-alfred-hitchcock-harassment/

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    • That’s really interesting that you had never heard anything about it. So it does raise the question what is serious and what is not to be brutally honest.


      • As a man, I wasn’t going to be in a position to see him in private meetings with these young Actresses, but those close to him allegedly helped arrange them – and as several of the high profile women have said, they warned others about interacting with him…unfortunately, the “casting couch” has always been a part of Hollywood – mythology was fact it seems

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