The Sense of an Ending (2017) Review


Tony Webster must revisit his past when he is left something from the mother of an ex-girlfriend he had at University. His quest to find out the truth leads him to wonder what type of life he has been living.


I had really wanted to see this film at the cinema and was so disappointed that it had a limited release. I decided to therefore rent it on Amazon Video, let’s face it although I wanted to watch it, by the trailers it did not seem to be a film that I would want to watch over and over again. Therefore why buy it on Blu-Ray/DVD so I opted to rent, the first film I have rented on Amazon Video and it was available straight away.

The story of the film is pretty complicated and all over the place in all honesty, with the flashback method being used to slowly, very slowly tell a story. That was the biggest issue I had with the film in all honesty it was so very slow and therefore rather well boring. I struggled to stay engaged and pay attention to what the characters were saying as none of them were built up very well at all. They weren’t likeable and the chemistry was well none existent. I was actually rather pleased I hadn’t wasted by time at the cinema, but also wished I had just waited for it to appear free on a streaming service or Sky Cinema as I felt it was a waste of the money to rent!

The title being a sense of an ending, I don’t feel like Tony or the viewers actually got that at all. It was all mashed together and supposedly everything feel on the words he put in a letter. I mean come on, was he really to blame given the situation? Surely his letter wasn’t the reason and the situation was to blame? Although have I kind of answered my own question in the sense that the whole point is to make people actually think about the words they use?

I am obviously now going to say don’t rush and try to watch this one as for myself it really did not feel worth it. Jim Broadbent isn’t as engaging as normal and I just found Charlotte Rampling frustrating to watch. I kept waiting for some big revelation and something amazing to happen, but it never does. That adds to the frustration of it all as you pretty much work out what had happened and who a character was. I also found it tough to believe in terms of story that Tony did not know more about the situation at the time? That just doesn’t make any sense at all. Maybe the title shouldn’t say the sense of an ending as it all just doesn’t make much sense to begin with. So I am proposing that the title should really be No Sense of an Ending . . . Curious to find out what others thought of this very dull film?

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