September 2017 at the Cinema

This month I managed to see nine films and that was certainly a pretty impressive number to get to see! I think the films were pretty mixed in all honesty.

The number of films I went to see was 9 and this then cost £1.98 per film as the Unlimited Card at Cineworld is £17.90 per month.

3rd – The Limehouse Golem – Review

4th – American Made – Review

6th – Patti Cake$ – Review

6th – Stratton – Review

15th – Victoria & Abdul – Review

22nd – IT – Review

24th – Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Review

25th – Mother! – Review

27th  – Young Frankenstein – Review

Film of the Month
I am actually going to go for a possible strange choice with this one as it was the one that helped me switch off the most and was pretty well you know nice. Even though I was tempted to pick Young Frankenstein it wouldn’t really have been fair to pick an older film would it?

Male Performance of the Month
Couldn’t resist picking Nighy for this as he was fantastic in The Limehouse Golem which  I guess was no real surprise but I really thought he was the standout this month from the films that I went to see.

Female Performance of the Month
Again no surprise that Judi Dench put in a fantastic performance as the ageing Queen who is really struggling with her health and trying to learn more about the empire she is ruling over!

What was your film of the month in September, and which performances were your favourites? 


6 thoughts on “September 2017 at the Cinema

  1. Nice Selection, you beat me by 1, Spetember was a slow month for me, i saw Wind River, IT, American Assassin, Mother!, The Ritual, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Flatliners (2017), Goodbye Christopher Robin.

    Film of the month was – Wind River
    Performance – I have to pick all the kids in IT, brilliant chemistry

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