The Mountain Between Us (2017) Review


Two strangers Alex and Ben end up stranded on a mountain after a plane crash and must help each other to survive on the remote mountain in December, and must make huge decisions when they eventually accept that no one is coming to find them.


This film probably is everyone’s worst nightmare really ending up stranded in the freezing cold snow in the mountains from a plane crash that no one actually knows you were on. The problem was that all flights had been cancelled but each had their reasons to try to get out of that airport. Alex was getting married the following day and Ben had some emergency surgery to perform. They find Walter who has his own small plane, but he didn’t fill in a flight plan which basically means that the plane wasn’t logged to be flying therefore when they crash no one will look for them.

I guess if you are going to survive a plane crash having a doctor with you would be very handy! It was pretty interesting to watch how they became close and depended on each other right from the start. It makes you wonder if many people would stick together or just go for it on their own, especially if the other is injured. Alex had a huge cut in her leg and that was something that made climbing down the mountain very difficult. Each were battling some demons as well which isn’t really fully explored in all honesty but some of  it is touched upon.

I think the main problem with the film is that while it is good to watch Kate Winslet and Idris Elba just not a lot of things happen whilst they are trapped. Tough walking though the snow but just happening to find a cabin when they really need it after falling through some ice was a little bit too much and I’m guessing would never actually happen. But hey it is a film so anything is possible. The ending was a little bit different to how I expected and I thought it did raise some interesting points, no one else but the other person would actually understand what they had been through on that mountain.

Performance wise Winslet and Elba are very good to watch but at times they really didn’t have a lot to work with in all honesty, which was a bit of a shame. It does turn out to be a pretty interesting love story though, I did wonder if you were constantly with someone for that long and they were helping you if it was possible you wouldn’t actually fall in love. Although I am not a big animal lover I actually liked the edition of the dog, I thought that added something extra to the story but would that really be able to survive in the snow that long?

Some of the scenes did look fantastic in the snow, but I just felt that the film was really lacking in some senses and turned out to be pretty dull and boring at times. Especially when you began to wonder what would go wrong next.

9 thoughts on “The Mountain Between Us (2017) Review

  1. I enjoyed your review more than the movie. Re what Widdershins asks: the publicity put out a statement that the dog neither dies nor is eaten. Funny thing is, the dog actually calls out the poor acting and implausibility of the whole film. I gave it 2 1/2 out of five stars for lovely cinematography.

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    • Yeah it looked good most of the time didn’t it but that was probably about it! Crazy that they had to put as statement out about the dog, no way could it have survived that cold!

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  2. What a great film! This movie kept me on the edge of my seat. Both Idris & Kate we’re fantastic together. They did a phenomenal job! The chemistry made the mountain between us, come alive. It’s so original. A love story for the history books. I would definitely recommend this & might even go see it again! Cheers to the director, Kate & Idris.


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