Daddy’s Home (2015) Review


Brad Whitaker thinks he has it made when he has married Sara and she already has two children who is trying his very best with, doing everything for them and trying to get them to love him. Just as that seems like it is starting to happen their biological father Dusty returns . . .


Let’s face it Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell do comedy very well together I totally loved ‘The Other Guys’ and I think I just missed this one on its cinema release. But with the new Christmas Daddy’s Home coming out I thought it was the best time to catch up so if you are in the UK the film is available ‘On Demand’ to download on Sky Cinema.

Brad seems like a hardworking and a very genuine man, but all of that goes out the window as he attempts to compete with Rusty. Which was always going to work out terrible for Brad as he certainly is not a very cool guy, to try to keep his now family he goes over the top spending money and just trying to well win. Rusty does have a plan though to try and win Sara and the kids back, although the stupid thing about this is that she doesn’t really have any interest in that but Brad cannot see it like that. He falls for everything Rusty tells him and believes it even though some moments borderline on ridiculous.

Parts of the film are very funny and parts are very annoying, often both of those things at the same time as well. Something which does make it a rather difficult viewing, as you just feel frustrated with how stupid they are both being. I know that is the point of the story in the film but that doesn’t stop those feelings at all. So I probably ended up more annoyed than amused by the end, but enjoyed it a lot more than the other comedies that are currently being made. I hope that makes sense as you are well aware I really do struggle with the comedy genre and finding films that I actually like!

I really have started to class Will Ferrell as one of my ultimate guilty pleasures, as I will give any of his films a chance. This has worked out well and not so well at times as some of them are still very hit miss. I blame Elf for that because let’s face it that is truly outstanding. However, watching this film as still left me wondering just how they are going to take it next for the Christmas style film with the dad’s dads joining in the mayhem!

I guess this is still an ok comedy film that does have different moments to make you laugh, including a physical moment involving a motorbike which was probably one of the funniest moments in my opinion. If you have seen this film were you a fan? Did you find it funny? Which was your favourite part?

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